Been reading too much regular news? Here's the antidote. The world is a tough joint, to be sure, and the news likes to report it that way.

But often what they don't tell you is the positive stuff happening in the back of the joint, like the kind of stuff that gives you hope for the future. We're talking about tigers making a comeback and a possible HIV vaccine and how an Ottawa homeless shelter received a wonderful windfall.

Those are the kinds of things you'll encounter here - not the usual news that drags you down, and if you're like us you absolutely do not need another thing dragging you down. So get ready to smile, because hopefully that's what will happen as you traverse these 13 feel-good stories. We'll stay on the lookout for more, you just have at these babies and enjoy life. And thanks for stopping by, we appreciate it.

CO2 emissions from cars are at their lowest recorded level in the UK. Schneider QUESTINE Ford FOCUS ELECTRIC That's thanks to electric cars - zero-exhaust electric cars only made up 12% of new sales, but 2021 emissions still fell by 11.2%. CRACKED.COM


Anyone building a new house in Brighton, England has to be able to accommodate bees. Specifically, new buildings have to have bricks that are perforated, creating space for bees to build their nests. The idea behind this is to help efforts to save endangered bee species from extinction. CRACKED.COM


Pretty soon, plant-based meat is going to be a cheaper option than animal meat: It's actually expected to happen as soon as 2023, according to information from a study conducted by the Good Food Institute and consumer research company Mindlab. CRACKED.COM


For the first time in 12 years, the tiger population is on the rise. And, fittingly, this happened in The Year of the Tiger, CRACKED.COM


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