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6 Movie Mysteries the Characters Should've Solved Way Sooner

Secrets drive the plots of some of the best movies. That being said, sometimes a secret is only as good as the writers' ability to cover huge gaps in logic.


22 Unexpected Downsides of Being a Zombie

Movie zombies are slow and constantly getting shot in the face, but even they don't show the everyday problems you'd encounter while piloting around a rotting, barely coherent corpse.


5 Pop Culture Creations Spoiled by Their Own Creators

Surprisingly, networks, studios or publishers are in a rush to give away the endings to their own creations.


3 Bizarrely Specific Job Trends in Movies

Unfortunately, the world will never get to see my bowel cleanser movie, or my camp counselor TV show, or my shoe salesman musical, because Hollywood is very specific about what careers they will focus on.


5 Film Franchises Based on One Character's Stupid Decision

We see it all the time in Hollywood: One poor decision leads to an entire film series worth of conflict.


5 Works of Art So Good, They Ruined Their Whole Genre

Sometimes an artist creates a work of art so masterful, it simultaneously defines a style while shutting the door on others who would follow. Sure, people still try, but rarely can they succeed without their attempts being compared, unfavorably, to the masterpieces.


7 Movies That Put Insane Detail into Stuff You Never Noticed

We can't stress this enough: A horrifying amount of time and work go into things that will be forever unnoticed by everyone except a few members of the crew.


If They Made Movies About Real Problems

>With the board game options thinning out, it's only a matter of time before Hollywood gets really desperate and starts making movies about everyday life.


20 Plot Twists That Would Have Made Great Movies Even Better

The only thing worse than a ridiculous plot twist is a perfect plot twist squandered. We asked you to show us some great moments that were never realized from the history of great, but twist-less movie plots.


5 Terrifying Implications of Surviving a Horror Movie

Given what they just endured, the aftermath can be worse than the crap they just survived.


6 Reasons 'Resident Evil' Movies Are Better than the Games

Some gamers complain about the movies, which is proof that some gamers can whine about anything, even a company spending hundreds of millions of dollars hiring a supermodel to act out their most ridiculous fantasies.


The 6 Most Accidentally Creepy Movie Romances

We've seen movies about aliens doing it with human women, 100-year-old vampires dating high school teens and Woody Allen hooking up with young starlets, among other unlikely atrocities. And yet, somehow, the writers always find new ways to top themselves.


5 Life Lessons Learned from Old School Cartoons

Entertainment can have value for any number of reasons, but if it can help you learn something while keeping you entertained, well that's even more awesome.


5 Powerful Sci-Fi Technologies Wasted by Their Own Movies

How many times have we seen James Bond pick up some incredibly useful new technological gadget that ends up saving his life, only to completely forget it exists in his next movie? But it isn't just Bond -- action heroes do this all the time. What's worse, some of this tech could change the world.


Movie Background Characters: Where Are They Now?

Movie background characters are wild cards. We asked you to catch us up on them using the magic of image manipulation.