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5 Ways Superman Is Shockingly Realistic According to Science

Apparently, there are parts of Superman's character that may seem random or even stupid to you, but offer surprising benefits, according to science.


The 4 Craziest Moments in the History of Christmas Specials

If you're anything like me, you grew up with TV as your Christmas nanny. Therefore, you know that some bizarre things happened on television during the holiday season.


5 Mind-Blowing Academic Theories as Taught by Classic Movies

There are a few core philosophical thought experiments at the center of our most popular movies, like ancient cheat codes that filmmakers know we'll pay to see depicted on the big screen over and over again.


If Movie Sequels Totally Switched Genres

The Rocky franchises went from gritty, slice of life drama to hilariously over-the-top 80s action flicks somewhere between the first and fourth installments. Why'd we stop there?


5 Things You Should Know Before Making an Indie Movie

Indie filmmakers, heed my warnings. I have scrawled them here, like a madman's crooked notations on a napkin he hopes to somehow put in the hands of a former self, a younger self or a less haunted self.


6 Creepy Things You Never Noticed About Famous Kids Cartoons

The longer and harder you look at something, the more grotesque it's going to get.


4 Directors Who Should Have Quit After Their First Movie

In the case of following four directors, they would have been better off creating one great movie and then bowing out of the spotlight forever. Instead, they insisted that the world keep watching as they committed cultural suicide, 90 painful minutes at a time.


7 Movie Plot Holes You Didn't Notice Due to Editing (Pt. 2)

Even great movies build key plot points around utterly impossible events hidden by clever edits.


5 Insane Pop Culture Crossovers That Almost Happened

Even if two franchises share the same fans, that doesn't mean it makes any sense for the characters to show up in the same universe.


21 Movie Villains with Secret Good Intentions

Look, we concede that more often than not, movie bad guys usually deserve the horrible, awful deaths they receive in the end. But, hey -- as in real life, misunderstandings can occur in the movies also.


21 Special FX (Probably) Behind Famous Movie Scenes

We're always stunned to see how some of our favorite movie scenes looked while they were filming them, with all of the wires, green screens and stunt doubles still visible. We show you the behind-the-scenes wizardry that Hollywood (probably) used that they don't want us to know about.


3 'Genius' Artists Who Created Their Best Works by Accident

It turns out that some artists are just putting forth a certain sound with the instrument they have been given without any mastery or understanding of how it got there.


6 Happy Movie Endings That Actually Ruin the Hero's Life

If there's one thing Hollywood loves more than a happy ending, it's a happy ending that accidentally screws over the hero.