Forget The Joker: 15 Batman Villains That Deserve More Screen Time

Forget The Joker: 15 Batman Villains That Deserve More Screen Time

In the age of superhero movies being released every weekend, it’s only appropriate that we ask Cracked readers on Facebook, “Which Batman villain deserves more screen time in TV and movies? Why?” No matter what your feelings on superhero movies, there’s going to be more so let’s imagine the best-case scenario. And the only wrong answer is the Joker. Otherwise, we’re eager to at least consider any other response. (Seriously, you either hate the Joker, or you love the Joker and he has already been perfectly portrayed to your liking by either Heath Ledger, Joaquin Phoenix, or Jack Nicholson, so what’s the point?) 

The most popular response had to have been the Court of Owls, so if anyone from Warner Brothers is reading, we have your next screenplay idea ready to go! Here are fourteen other responses that made us go, “Hm, okay, we'd write that screenplay too.” Just, please for the love of Alan Moore, don't you dare make another Joker movie. 

Poison Ivy

... TELL US NOW. POISON IVY Colleen D. wishes that they'd put Joker on the back burner and try to give Poison Ivy more dignity than she got in Batman and Robin. Maybe even make her relationship with Harley Quinn canon in a live-action movie at some point. CRACKED.COM

Victor Zsasz

... TELL US NOW. VICTOR ZSASZ Geoff F. says, Victor Zsasz would make a good villain in the new Batman franchise. It could be a detective story as he tracks down a psychopathic slasher. CRACKED.COM


... TELL US NOW. TWO-FACE Logan V. says, People will argue that he has appeared in two films, but I feel he has always had to share the movie with another villain. The dichotomies of his mental illness have never been fully explored. I want to see him as a crime lord and gangster more than a supervillain. CRACKED.COM

Hugo Strange

... TELL US NOW. HUGO STRANGE Chris C. says of the villain and his monster men, I'd love to see a movie where Batman explores a creepy old mansion or castle with monsters around every corner. CRACKED.COM

Court of Owls

... TELL US NOW. COURT OF OWLS TAKE HIS BREAK NO! FEET! HIS NECK! BLEED HIM! T.J.R. says, Court of Owls could be used so amazingly in a horror-themed Batman movie, with a claustrophobic, paranoid atmosphere that makes both Batman, and the audience, feel like they're being watched. Because they are. CRACKED.COM

Professor Pyg and Mr. Toad

... TELL US NOW. PROFESSOR PYG AND MR. TOAD Jean Claude D. says, Professor Pyg and Mr. Toad are a truly creepy duo that could translate very well to this new Batman universe. CRACKED.COM

Mr. Freeze

... TELL US NOW. MR. FREEZE Terry M. wants to see more of the villain from Batman: The Animated Series' story arch. After his wife was diagnosed with a terminal illness, scientist Victor Fries started experimenting with cryogenics to save her life. The CEO of the lab threw him into a batch of chemicals and thus a supervillain was born. CRACKED.COM

The Penguin

... TELL US NOW. THE PENGUIN Tristan S. says, He's one of Batman's oldest and most predominant villains in the comics and TV but has only ever been in one movie. CRACKED.COM


... TELL US NOW. MAN-BAT Ty M. wants the character to get screen time, saying, I need more of the supernatural HORROR from Batman, not just 'some dude got mad.''' CRACKED.COM


... TELL US NOW. SCARECROW Michael А. says the villain was robbed of character development in the Nolan trilogy, adding, Scarecrow's psychiatric background lets him get in people's heads and exploit their fears for a more cerebral villain. CRACKED.COM


... TELL US NOW. HUSH Matt S. tells US, Не serves as the kind of dark reflection of Bruce Wayne that we rarely get to see, plus he has such iconic imagery that would translate very well to the screen. CRACKED.COM

Ra's al Ghul

... TELL US NOW. RA'S AL GHUL Michael А. argues that the villain wasn't given enough screen time previously, saying, Killing off Ra's al Ghul in the first film prevented him from gaining his due status as someone who knows and understands Bruce Wayne/Batman as a nemesis. CRACKED.COM


... TELL US NOW. CLAYFACE Frank D. says, Despite the character being comic relief in the Harley Quinn cartoon, I think that CGI has advanced enough to give US a convincing and terrifying Clayface. Erik S. adds that he's a complex character with complex motivations who served as the villain for the best arc the animated series had to offer. CRACKED.COM

Baby Doll

... TELL US NOW. BABY DOLL Morgan C. says, We really need a deeper exploration of Hollywood's weird need for actresses to look like they're barely out of high school while playing characters who realistically would be about middle-aged. CRACKED.COM


... TELL US NOW. DEATHSTROKE Jason M. says, They've done Deathstroke decently in a couple of the series, but I'd love to see him in a movie as an actual Batman villain with all his abilities on full force. I understand he's basically Deadpool without a sense of humor but still an enjoyable character in the comics that they have yet to do true justice. CRACKED.COM


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