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8 Actors Who Look Exactly The Same on Every Movie Poster

It turns out that some of Hollywood's most iconic actors are no different than your duck-facing Facebook friend when it comes to selling their movie.


6 Studies That Prove Reality TV Is Causing the Apocalypse

Lots of people joke about reality TV being the end of civilization, and many of them are us, but we weren't really worried. Until we found out what smart people like scientists were saying.


6 Insane Versions of Famous Cartoons They Almost Made

In a business full of endless reboots and remakes, maybe nothing in Hollywood gets recycled more than animation. Since cartoon characters aren't associated with any one actor (in the audience's mind) studios feel even more free to come up with endless revamps starring the same characters. Here are the ones too ridiculous to see the light of day.


6 Movie Guardians Who Shouldn't Be Allowed Near Children

Movies need excitement, sure, but all too often do see a child ending up in a dire circumstance for no reason other than that the grown-ups don't seem to give a damn.


6 Classic Series You Didn't Know Were Made Up On The Fly

It turns out that the creators of these shows had nothing in mind at all while writing, figuring they could throw out the mystery now and figure out the rest when it got closer to deadline.


7 Movies That Ignored World Changing Discoveries

Writing movies is hard -- we try to point that out in every article like this. And occasionally, the writer will write his characters into a corner, where they can be rescued only by some new science, device or technology. Once they're out of the jam, the tech is usually immediately forgotten. The problem is, sometimes the device itself should have


Was 'Arrested Development' A Remake of a 70s Sitcom?

It's called Soap and it was the greatest sitcom of the 70s. Also, the 2000s when it was called Arrested Development.


20 Funny Movies That Take a Minute (Total) To Watch: Part 4

5 Second films should be nominated for tiny Oscars.


Oscar Nominee Venn Diagram: Weirdly Specific Similarities

this year the Academy seemed to go for movies about a few bizarrely specific topics ...


6 Awards That Would Actually Make The Oscars Worth Watching

Apparently, some of the greatest moments ever captured on film haven't gotten so much as a validated parking ticket from the Academy.


5 Hollywood Secrets That Explain Why So Many Movies Suck

You can write off everything Hollywood does as greed and poor tate, but there are other factors that make Hollywood the soulless blockbuster machine that it is. Some of which you'd never suspect.


6 Giant Blind Spots In Every Movie Alien's Invasion Strategy

With a few alien-invasion movies on the horizon, this is a good time to ask ourselves why exactly the alien invasions we see on the silver screen always seem to end in disaster for the invaders, despite their ridiculously advanced technology.


4 Great Artists Who Make it Really Hard Not To Hate Them

Daniel Day-Lewis is not the badass we want him to be. For one thing, most of the time he dresses like some kind of weird Lumberjack Glam Cowboy.