19 Movies That Missed Their Own Point

‘Natural Born Killers’ did make violence look insanely cool
19 Movies That Missed Their Own Point

Satire is hard. No matter how pointedly you condemn the tenets of society that make fight clubs and Gatsby parties look cool, you can’t stop fight clubs and Gatsby partie from looking cool as hell. Even a more straightforward story can get a little lost on the way to its conclusion. That’s how the Fast and the Furious franchise started out being about drag racing and now it’s about international superspies saving the world from nuclear holocaust.

Redditor xTrainerRedx’s “go-to example is Law Abiding Citizen.” They explained to r/Movies that Jamie Foxx’s lawyer character is determined to beat Gerard Butler’s vigilante through the proper legal channels, but he ends up not only breaking the law but being rewarded for it, proving the supposed villain right. There was, oh boy, so much contention regarding this reasoning, but nevertheless, they asked “What was a movie you saw that missed its own point it was trying to make?” and, uh, points were made.

The Flash


District 9



Black Panther

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Natural Born Killers

The Wolf of Wall Street

Wonder Woman

Shallow Hal

The Life of David Gale

Raya and the Last Dragon


The Butterfly Effect

American Pie

The Greatest Showman

All Quiet on the Western Front

Jurassic World

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