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The 9 Worst Things Comic Books Have Ever Done to Wolverine

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5 Jobs That Hollywood Apparently Doesn't Realize It Needs

There are tons of simple tasks that absolutely no one in Hollywood is doing right now. If Hollywood needs help and the American worker needs a paycheck, let's hook those two up and make a success baby.


4 Miserable Experiences You Can't Avoid at Comic-Con

Comic-Con has afforded me some of my fondest memories of my person-who-writes-swear-words-on-the-Internet career. But jumping Jehoshaphat, am I glad to stay home this year.


The 8 Most Misleadingly Awesome Movie Posters

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The 6 Stupidest Ways Superheroes Protected Secret Identities

Every respectable superhero must have a secret identity, because there's nothing more heroic than lying to everyone you know.


4 Things Movies Always Get Wrong About Awkward People

While I have no idea if Hollywood is accurate in its portrayal of doctors or lawyers or functioning human beings, I can say with total certainty that, when it comes to writing about awkward people, Hollywood is absolutely dogshit.


6 Unresolved Cliffhangers That Ruined Great TV Shows

Let's take a moment to sympathize with the cult followings of these shows who will never know how their stories turned out.


6 Kids Movies Clearly Made by People Who Hate Children

While a studio like Pixar can consistently put out movies that entertain kids and adults alike, a lot of misguided attempts to make films for the younger crowd currently pollute Netflix and video stores.