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5 Classic Films Nobody Admits Fall Apart Halfway Through

There is a substantial amount of great filmmaking that was beaten to death by its evil twin.


5 Ways James Bond Was WAY More Insane In The Books

Fleming's Bond is insane. And it's that insanity which renders a few of Fleming's plots unfilmable.


20 Movies On Netflix That Make It Feel Like Groundhog Day

Watching Netflix almost always results in a feeling of lasting satisfaction about a life well lived.


5 Things Casual Viewers Will Never Get About Anime

I don't regret the 42,000 minutes that I've spent on anime, because, for the most part, it brought me joy. This is a column about why some anime rules.


4 Harsh Truths That Will Improve How You Watch TV And Film

These truths be harsh, but remember, it's for the greater good of your sanity.


The 18 Most WTF Things Actors Had To Say In Famous Movies

Some one-liners are so atrociously awful that they deserve some special recognition.


25 Lessons Hollywood Must Be Taught

Enough is enough, Hollywood, we've reached our threshold for B.S.


The 14 Most Inexplicable Explosions In Movie History

Explosions in movies have an amazing power. They can make a scene more intense or authentic or awesome or completely and entirely dumb.


Embarrassing Movies Made By Famous Musicians

Here are some talented musicians you've probably heard of who made bizarre, pretentious movies you almost certainly haven't.


35 Famous Movie Scenes Improved With Lines From Other Films

One character having one amazing line can redeem a garbage film. It's even better when that line translates to other movies.


6 Reasons Movies Suck (That Hollywood Hasn't Figured Out)

What in the world happened? Have Disney and Universal finally hoarded all the marketable franchises to form an unbeatable uber-duo like a corporate Tango and Cash?


5 Insane Ways Entertainers Survive While On Tour

Long, irregular hours plus a distinct lack of salad bars and Planet Fitnesses at most highway service stations mean touring entertainers must either scarf Big Macs while doing pushups on the roof of their car ... or get creative.

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The 5 Most Hilariously Terrible Criticisms of Classic Movies

This just proves one thing: The whole of everything is stupid.


18 Baffling Tropes Hollywood Can't Stop Using

It's no secret that Hollywood likes to recycle tropes until their a pile of sad entertainment mulch.