Please Don’t Destroy Didn’t Tell Sarah Sherman That Her Dad Was in ‘SNL’ Sketch

Andrew Sherman is a comedy star in the making
Please Don’t Destroy Didn’t Tell Sarah Sherman That Her Dad Was in ‘SNL’ Sketch

Saturday Night Live has a long tradition of inviting cast members’ moms to appear on the show for Mother’s Day, but what Please Don’t Destroy had up their sleeves last season was a completely different kind of parent cameo. “We were at the table read one day, and I just see a stage direction in the script that says, ‘Sarah’s real dad enters the room,’” cast member Sarah Sherman told Jimmy Fallon last night on The Tonight Show. “And I was like, ‘Huh. No one ran that by me.’”

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In some ways, Sherman only has herself to blame. She admitted to Fallon that she talks about her father a lot in her stand-up act, “so my dad was like a celebrity to (the Please Don’t Destroy boys).” They already knew “his vibe,” and the next thing you know, Sherman Sr. had been cast as Sarah’s revenge-happy dad. He even got his own on-screen credit — the sketch ends with a freeze-frame of Andrew Sherman about to lay the smackdown with a telescoping club. The words, “Starring Sarah Sherman’s Real Dad” are superimposed over the outraged image.

When Fallon asked Sherman about the experience, she admitted that her pop “had an amazing time.” As proof, she shared a story about gifts that cast members receive at the end of each season. “The pre-taped department made these T-shirts … that had all the characters that had been on the pre-taped sketches, and my dad made the shirt,” she said. That should have been enough to cement his SNL celebrity but Andrew went one step further.

“He took the shirt, and he found himself on the shirt and then stenciled the drawing of himself from the shirt and blew it up and turned it into his own Andrew Sherman shirt,” explained Sarah. “He made his own merch.” Having a hard time picturing it? No problem, as her dad was in Fallon’s studio audience and couldn’t have been happier to show off the Andrew Sherman swag.

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Rather than shout out his daughter, Andrew let out a raucous “Go Rangers!” The guy’s a hockey fan, I guess. It’s also a possible explanation for why Sarah hasn’t gotten into the Andrew Sherman merch business herself. The website has an online store where one can purchase Sarah Squirm stickers (SOLD OUT!), as well as T-shirts (Eyeboob and Metal Face) for only 30 bucks. What’s missing? The “Starring Sarah Sherman’s Dad” shirt! This seems like a lost opportunity for the whole family.

Is Sarah too territorial to share the merch section with Dad? No problem — confirms that is available.


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