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It's hard to believe but, yes, Gilbert Gottfried was Zack Morris' pimp.


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5 Movie Marketing Colossal Fails

One can't help but wonder if 2001's initial reception wouldn't have been different if the dense, ponderous art film were presented differently.


10 Inevitable Gritty Reboots Nobody Asked For

Squirrels are little jerks that have murder in their eyes. The show could be as dark as 'Daredevil.'


5 Creepy Changes The Government Forced On Movies & TV Shows

Turns out China and the U.S. military are pretty big decision-makers in Hollywood.


15 In-Universe Facts That Will Change How You See Star Wars

At the height of its power, the Empire had more manpower than the entire continent of Africa.


5 Things Star Trek Fans Must Admit About The Film Franchise

We're not saying the new Star Trek film is guaranteed to be terrible, but it doesn't take a genius to see where the series is headed.


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Politics is somehow even stupider when you're trying to rule the galaxy.


5 Insane Realities Of A Professional Costumed Stormtrooper

TK-2918 has devoted his life to building and wearing screen-accurate Stormtrooper gear. And he isn't the only one ...


15 Tiny Edits That Make Movie Heroes Into Monstrous Villains

There was only one way for Han to redeem himself after Greedo got a shot off on him.


The Best Order To Watch The Star Wars Movies

Don't watch 'Attack Of The Clones' six times. It's a bad thing multiplied by six. Imagine one diarrhea. Now imagine five more.


5 Reasons The Dark Side Isn't As Bad As You Think

How exactly is the Dark Side 'evil' again? It really shouldn't have been that hard for Vader to convince Luke to join his cause.