16 of the Meanest, Most Offensive Reviews of Roman Polanski’s New Movie

Okay grandpa, let’s get you to bed
16 of the Meanest, Most Offensive Reviews of Roman Polanski’s New Movie

The 80th Venice Film Festival is underway, and from Sofia Coppola’s highly anticipated return to film with Priscilla and nosy critics wanting their first peek at Bradley Cooper as Leonard Bernstein, there’s been no shortage of news out of Italy. 

Of the many movies that have made their worldwide debuts at the festival, one comes from a director who is no stranger to critical acclaim or public scrutiny: noted predator Roman Polanski. His newest effort, The Palace, joins the ever-growing pantheon of “eat the rich” films made by wealthy filmmakers. The black comedy, which received a three-minute standing ovation in Venice, didn’t fare as well with critics, however. In fact, it debuted to an astonishingly low 0 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, with one critic describing the humor as “at least 23 years past its sell-by date.” 

The disdain didn’t stop there either. Moviegoers unlucky enough to grab tickets for the premiere took to Letterboxd afterwards to share their feelings on The Palace as well. With disgruntled viewers from Italy, to Germany, to Hungary, the hate for The Palace stretches far further across the globe than Polanski ever could — thanks, you know, to extradition treaties.

Francesco Zanatta A 100 minutes setup for an old rancid joke
Julian triangle of sadness if it was just one and a half hours of the puke scene
1/2 gab_riel 7 - Burps, dildos, penguins and shitting dogs can't hide an semi-interesting premise and plot.
MaxPratts Grand Budapest Hotel except inferior in every way
1/2 Nacho Needed to nap, this was the only screening I could get into. Watched the first and last 5 minutes, it was incredibly horrible.
Phanda03 this is what happens when you order Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom from Wish
Igor maybe one angle of sadness at best
Aleksander Triangle of Sadness at least had some point.........
1/2 keyvan99 this is like a disney channel movie for assholes fuck you roman polanski
1/2 le_gus Where did Polanski unearth this film that was made ten years ago and no one wanted to publish?
Dario | would have liked to test Polanski and Skolimowski's blood alcohol level during brainstorms for the screenplay.
1/2 Zyablik_Ptichki Somehow not the worst thing Polanski has done in his life.
1/2 carmen VENEZIA 80-FILM #9 i also directed rosemary's baby y'know ok grandpa let's get и to bed roman polanski so senile he's doing hallmark films now
James Oh great another crime.
1/2 shrimp the fact that roman polanski will probably die with in the next 5 years probably made me feel actual emotions, which this movie failed to do Imao
Jack Polanski should seriously go to jail for this.
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