15 Great Jokes and Moments From Maya Rudolph

15 Great Jokes and Moments From Maya Rudolph

Maya Rudolph first hit her stride as a cast member on Saturday Night Live in 2000 and has been running wild on TV and film ever since. Whether via physical comedy, voice work on several animated projects or her unmatched knack for finding the most hilarious line delivery, Rudolph will always unlock the funniest possible version of any character she inhabits. 

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Which is why we’ve gathered some of Rudolph’s funniest jokes and moments from the various characters she’s breathed life into below...

I Know Why the Caged Bird Laughs on ‘Saturday Night Live’

In one of her more celebrated sketches, Rudolph portrayed celebrated civil rights activist, poet and prankster Maya Angelou.

As U.S. Marshall Karen Haas on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

When Jake and Captain Holt are undercover, they have to answer to their contact, U.S. Marshall Karen Haas. She is a strong authority figure but clearly needs a friend, too.

As Linda Mitchell in ‘The Mitchells Vs. the Machines’

As the Hormone Monstress on ‘Big Mouth’

It’s not easy to be the personification of when a girl becomes a woman, but if anyone could do it, it’s Rudolph.

Singing the National Anthem

On SNL, Rudolph got to show off her singing skills in the funniest and weirdest way possible. Oddly, it’s still not the worst performance of the Star Spangled Banner ever recorded.

Reminiscing About ‘Saturday Night Live’

While taking the hosting reins at her old haunt, Rudolph decided to take a quick trip down memory lane back to being a cast member. It got more Kubrickian than expected.

As Kamala Harris on ‘SNL’

As an Art Dealer Neighbor

On SNL, Rudolph and Fred Armisen played an art dealer couple from a European country who recently moved to Aspen. David Spade has had enough of them within the first minute.

As a Cop on ‘Murderville’

Working without a script alongside Jason Bateman, Rudolph got to flex her improv muscles as different kinds of police officers during an interrogation of a murder suspect. She effortlessly hits the various singing notes and accents that are essential for police work.

As a Super Showcase Show Model

With her co-star Kristen Wiig, Rudolph got to show off a bunch of random prizes that a contestant didn’t win on a game show that definitely isn’t The Price Is Right.

As Griselda Blanco on ‘Drunk History’

Rudolph took Dan Harmon’s drunken recollection of the infamous Colombian drug lord and cocaine queen of Miami, Griselda Blanco, and turned it into an incredible recreation of events.

As Oprah on ‘SNL’

On a special birthday edition of Oprah’s Favorite Things, the live studio audience got a lot more than they bargained for. Many women passed out from just the free turkeys alone.

As the Judge on ‘The Good Place’

In the philosophical world of The Good Place, the show decided to cast Rudolph as essentially god, so… Yeah, that actually kinda tracks.

As Beyonce on ‘SNL’

Rudolph’s impression of Queen Bey is so good that she played the music superstar on multiple occasions. One such instance was right after Beyonce gave birth to her daughter, Blue Ivy.

Getting Food Poisoning on ‘Bridesmaids’

As the bride, Rudolph and the rest of her bridal party get struck with a bout of food poisoning when she tries on wedding dresses. A very poopy bout of food poisoning.

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