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4 Things Movies Always Get Wrong About Parties

I turned to movies to learn everything I needed to know about parties. I don't recommend this plan because, as with most things, movies lied about the big party.


6 Realistic Changes That Would Improve Superhero Movies

Until we get an awesome Russian Giant Robot movie, thereby completing cinema, here are six story elements other movies can try.


5 Movie Plots That Rely On People Sucking at Important Jobs

At their best, these movies are about extraordinary situations that require extraordinary men. At their worst, these plots were kicked into gear by people who sucked at their jobs.


5 Random Coincidences That Invented Modern Pop Culture

We know that creative minds get their ideas from pretty much whatever random crap comes their way. This even goes for some of the most famous characters in recent pop culture history.


6 Mind-Blowing Easter Eggs Hidden in Famous Movie Costumes

It turns out movie costumes are the perfect place to hide clever little Easter Eggs for film maniacs with too much free time to find and childishly geek out over.


5 Terrifying Uses of Sexual Symbolism in Horror Films

Sexual imagery is amazing at eliciting a physical and emotional response from a viewer, one that probably mixes arousal and revulsion.


5 Famous Filmmakers Whose Dream Projects Were Disasters

Not every filmmaker's passion project turns out to be 'Star Wars.'


5 Movie Plot Holes You Didn't Notice Due to Editing (Pt. 3)

Sometimes editing isn't just about maintaining the story's momentum; it's about skipping over parts that don't make any sense.


5 Bizarre Inspirations Behind Famous Movie Scenes

As you'll see, sometimes inspirations for scenes characters and even props can be weird as hell.


The 6 Male Characters Women Never Get to See in Movies

People don't seem to realize that sexism no longer exists today and both sexes are treated with complete equality, especially in the entertainment industry. If anything, men are the ones being discriminated against.


5 Superheroes Who Should've Gotten Movies Before Ant-Man

Ant-Man's only qualification for superheroing is being invented around the same time as tie-dye clothing and unprotected group sex, and being a worse idea than both.


The 3 Most Depressing Minor Characters in Famous Movies

My heart breaks not just for the obvious candidates -- your Eponines, your Bambis, your Misters T, and so on -- but for every sad character.


5 Questions That Movie Plots Never Seem to Answer

Warning: The following five questions may be capable of wrecking both your movie enjoyment and your social life forever.