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Truly Spectacular Real-Life Heists

When we relay the following stories of spectacular real-life heists, we're not saying we approve of what they did, or suggest you try it. It's just nice to see someone who takes a little pride in their work, that's all.


5 Game Of Thrones Scenes That Don't Make Any Damn Sense

Condensing hundreds of pages into a one-hour story isn't always easy. But that still doesn't explain what happened here.


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4 Most Sexually Uncomfortable Characters From Your Childhood

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The following aggressively awesome works of cinema that are hurdling at your face this very moment.


4 Movie Heroes Everyone Pretends Aren't Psychopaths

Movie heroes: Who are these fractured reflections of our psyche? Can we trust them with our souls, with our children's souls, and with our future? No. We are screwed.


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How 6 Classic Horror Films Appear To Modern Audiences

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6 Movies That Are Shockingly Different When You're Not High

In the interest of full disclosure, there is a point in this experiment where I smear cream cheese all over a bran muffin because I thought it was vanilla frosting and a chocolate cupcake.


7 Movie Special Effects You Won't Believe Aren't Computers

Special effects are way more special when they're real.


5 Historically Bad Movie Franchises We Keep Forgiving

In our rush to be excited over the reemergence of movies we loved decades ago, we haven't stopped to ask ourselves one very important question: What the hell are we so excited about?


5 Characters Who Ignore Powers That Solve All Their Problems

Creating a good hero or villain is a tricky balancing act. Unfortunately, a lot of people fail the act.