14 Lines from Sitcom Bosses That Make Us Want to Quiet Quit

14 Lines from Sitcom Bosses That Make Us Want to Quiet Quit


We’ve all had that classic fantasy job-quit, and maybe one day we’ll actually develop a spine, hold our heads high, and snag one last bag of Cheez-Its on our Irish-Goodbye outta this dump! One day… One day. Like our bosses, the completely batshit bonkers lines that spewed from these sitcom bosses continuously brought their staff to the brink. Did they quit? No, they endured. Since they had to smile and nod along to their boss’ insanity for our viewing pleasure, today we salute the many workplace sitcom characters who showed us how good we had it on our couches.

Don’t get us wrong, these are some of the best TV bosses in the game. Enjoying them from the outside in is one thing, but when we stopped to think about actually working under them day after day (that’s what she said), we just couldn’t take it anymore (that’s what she said). Start filling up that bank box. Here are 14 lines from sitcom bosses that make us want to quiet quit.

This line pretty much sums up Michael Scott.

CRACKED - - The Office Sometimes I'll start a sentence and I don't even know where it's going. I just hope I find it along the way. MICHAEL SCOTT just likes to hear himself talk.



Ron just seems a little too excited by the kill.

CRACKED Parks and Recreation Fishing relaxes me. It's like yoga, except I still get to kill something. Death soothes RON SWANSON.


Men’s Health

Is Selina subtly comparing herself to a certain dictator?

Veep I came in third, Amy, okay? Even the Nazis came in second. Nobody loses like SELINA MEYER. CRACKED


Elite Daily

You there! Party down!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Why is no one having MENT ORD a good time? I specifically requested it. When CAPTAIN RAY HOLT says fun, you better fun! CAPTA CRACKED

Fox, NBC


And because Elaine ate it, she’s running away for multiple reasons.

CRACKED Seinfeld  Elaine, do you have any idea what happens to a butter-based frosting after sitting 60 years in a poorly ventilated English basement? J. PETERMAN asks the question that none of us want the answer to.


Screen Rant

See kids, anyone can be successful.

The Simpsons Family, religion, friendship. These are the three demons you must slay if you wish to succeed in business. These were definitely not sacrifices for MR. BURNS. CRACKED

20th Television

Screen Rant

A boss joke that the underlings better laugh at.

CRACKED NewsRadio James James, the man so nice they named him twice. We weren't thinking about how weird JIMMY JAMES' name is. Until now.



Lou Grant was the patriarch of sitcom bosses.

CRACKED The Mary Tyler Moore Show If I don't like you, I'll fire you! If you don't like me, I'll fire you! LOU GRANT says - DIVROMOR what every boss is thinking.



Ava Eva Coleman makes no attempt to hide her unprofessionalism.

OEL Elementary kcal Albott Elementary Milland R Abbor Domino Willard R. Abbor for Abbott Elementary Oh, you're the sub. Forgive me. I thought one of my colleagues here hired a stripper for me. AVA EVA COLEMAN's first line to Gregory is sexual harassment. CRACKED


Screen Rant

Jack Donaghy would be a terrible boss in real life.

CRACKED 30 Rock I do admire Wonka. He's a true capitalist. His factory has zero government regulation, slave labor, and an indoor boat. Wonderful. JACK DONAGHY is a capitalist's capitalist.



We get it, George. Prison is awesome.

Arrested Development My back is in knots. I haven't had a massage since prison. GEORGE BLUTH remembers the good ol' days. CRACKED

20th Television, Netflix

TV Fanatic

We really hope David Brent doesn’t expose himself.

CRACKED The Office People see me, and they see the suit, and they go 'you're not fooling anyone,' they know I'm rock and roll through and through. DAVID BRENT is on a constant mission to prove how cool he is.



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