13 Classic Drama Characters That Would Kill It On A Sitcom

13 Classic Drama Characters That Would Kill It On A Sitcom

Even the grittiest of dramas need some comedic relief. If it were all suspense, what would it be building towards? Where sitcoms plunk in zany characters like Kramer, Urkel, Cousin Cody, Mork, etc., dramas ease in their reliefs with a lot more subtlety. That doesn’t mean we don’t belly laugh at the great ones. Now that we think about it, being on the edge of our seat in a high stakes life-or-death scenario is the perfect set-up to a quippy zinger. That’s some solid misdirection you got there, dramas.

Most comedic relief characters are good for just that… A little exhale. But the great ones, we could watch the great ones all day long. That’s what we do with great sitcom characters. If we love them enough, we watch them sip coffee, or even just do their laundry. Heck, we’d watch Ruth Langmore do her laundry for like 6 seasons if she kept calling everyone fuck nuggets. And these 12 other funny folks could definitely join Ruth at the laundromat, because these characters from classic dramas would absolutely kill it on a sitcom.

Telling Paulie he’d be good in a sitcom might get you killed.

CRACKED PAULIE WALNUTS THE SOPRANOS With some of the best and worst zingers on the show, we could either laugh with or at Paulie. About Vito and Bobby's weight he said, It's like an ad for a f***in' weight loss center... Before, and way before.

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Ice-T plus a wacky neighbor would be comedy gold.

CRACKED ODAFIN TUTUOLA LAW AND ORDER: SVU Ice-T's character Fin has these gruff, no nonsense zingers that aren't belly laughs, but they'd pair well with a zany neighbor. Like an Urkel to his more hardcore Carl Winslow, or a Bob to his Red Forman.

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In another life, JJ is a burgeoning stand-up comic.

CRACKED JJ MAYBANK OUTER BANKS JJ is the show's comedic relief despite his traumatic childhood and home life (like every great comic). Instead of wallowing, he drums up wild schemes that usually go awry, using his go-to motto, Stupid things have good outcomes all the time.

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Lady Violet is Bea Arthur meets Niles Crane.

CRACKED LADY VIOLET CRAWLEY DOWNTON ABBEY With pretentious zingers like, Don't be defeatist, dear. It's very middle class, she'd fit right in on Frasier or better yet, Golden Girls.


Is Dorota the Polish Fran Drescher?!

GRACKED DOROTA KISHLOVSKY GOSSIP GIRL As the Waldorf's housekeeper, she uses Britney Spears' I'm a Slave 4 U as her ringtone when they call. She shares wisdom like, In Poland we have a saying: Love is like head wound. It make you dizzy. You think you die. But you recover... Usually.


Herc & Carver are the grittier Lethal Weapon sitcom.

CRACKED HERC & CARVER THE WIRE AUTIC LIEA A realistic buddy cop duo, they have old married couple spats, but you can tell there's love. They have borderline SNL sketches by failing at a good cop/bad cop routine, and running into their drug dealer counterparts at the movie theater.


Like Eric Forman and Hyde with a little meth.

CRACKED BADGER & SKINNY PETE BREAKING BAD In a funny bit for everyone except Gretchen & Elliot, The two best hitmen west of the Mississippi are these two silly gooses with laser pointers. Their stoner banter has Badger pitch his Star Trek spec script involving a pie eating contest.

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Tyrion sits around and jokes more than the Friends gang.

CRACKED TYRION LANNISTER GAME OF THRONES By far the wittiest character on the show, he even has a scene where he gives Grey Worm and Missandei wine, and tries to squeeze some personality out of them with jokes. Trade the wine for coffee, and he'd fit right in at Central Perk.

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Roman is a quirky little wrench in the Succession gears.

CRACKED ROMAN ROY SUCCESSION No one takes things less seriously than Roman, and in the most serious of worlds, his comic relief stands out like Mork or Balki. His weird pseudo-sexual relationship with Gerri is a very strange will they/won't they.

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Fez pairs well with Rue’s high energy, and Lexi’s low energy.

CRACKED FEZCO EUPHORIA As outsiders looking in, he's subtly hilarious. About Jules, he said, She came in yesterday lookin' all Sailor Moon and sh*t. He's badass, but lovable enough for the straight-laced Lexi Howard to get on board. Like a hardcore Shawn Hunter.

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