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7 Insane Things TV Shows Did When They Ran Out Of Money

Sometimes TV is a little low on cash and has to do some undignified things to get by.


7 Movie Moments That Will Change How You See Iconic Villains

Robert Englund uses the same mannerisms for Freddy as Willie the slapstick-funny alien in 'V.' So much so it's a little difficult to separate the two.


6 Insane Coincidences You Didn't Notice Are In Every Movie

No one ever eavesdrops in movies ... until it's absolutely important to the plot that they do.


6 Pro-Christian Films That Made Christians Look Like Jerks

We're pretty sure Jesus always preached 'Be yourself, unless you're a complete weirdo.'


5 Reasons Modern Candy Is Total Bull$#!t

You don't need to conduct a comprehensive survey of the modern candy selection to see that it has stalled out creatively.


5 Great Performances By Actors (Who Weren't Acting)

If you're watching someone having violence inflicted upon them, chances are that it's terrifyingly real.


7 Wildly Different Versions Of Movies That We Almost Had

Judging by his preproduction work, Guillermo del Toro's 'Hobbit' would've been infinitely better than the awful, Legolas-obsessed versions we got instead.


5 Feel-Good Movie Lessons Undone By Their Own Plots

From the moment the film begins, Marlin has to deal with so much crap it's a miracle he doesn't strap Nemo to the anemone and keep watch 24/7.


7 TV Finales That Went Out Of Their Way To Anger Fans

TV show finales have a grand tradition of sucking.


4 Kids' Movies With Happy Endings That Aren't Actually Happy

P.S. And everybody lived horribly ever after.


5 Huge Children's Movies That Teach Kids Horrifying Lessons

Emmet's success in 'The Lego Movie' shows that everyone is talented and interesting and extraordinary ... but everyone's personality and actions are preordained by higher beings.


6 Harsh Truths The Movie Business Needs To Face

Due to oversaturation of blockbusters and audience unpredictability, it's a terrifying time to be a movie studio.


4 Badass Fictional Revolutions You Never Realized Are Stupid

Voldemort was a goofy-looking noseless baldo foolishly attempting a revolution in a world that would descend into a never-ending whirlwind of madness.


If The New Star Wars Was 100 Times More Honest (And Shorter)

The STAR WARS EXPANDED UNIVERSE has vanished. Thus, with a blank slate and endless possibilities to explore, we're soft-rebooting A NEW HOPE.


7 Movies With Horrible Mass Deaths You Never Noticed

There's a difference between glossing over the deaths of faceless goons and completely yadda-yadda-ing the destruction of Alderaan just to get to the next big action sequence.