The Angriest Reactions That Show How Netflix’ ‘Good Times’ Is the Internet’s New ‘Velma’

Critics have panned Seth MacFarlane and Steph Curry’s animated reboot of a beloved classic, but the fan reactions are even worse
The Angriest Reactions That Show How Netflix’ ‘Good Times’ Is the Internet’s New ‘Velma’

Since its release on Friday, the Seth MacFarlane and Steph Curry-produced animated reboot of the milestone sitcom Good Times has inspired such a negative reaction from the original property’s fans that Max just greenlit the second season of a show that isn’t even theirs.

Last year, Scooby-Doo fans tuned in to the release of the highly anticipated prequel/reboot series from The Office superstar Mindy Kaling, titled and focusing on the bespectacled sleuth Velma, only to find the massively revamped characters, the grating reliance on self-reference and the lack of, you know, Scooby Doo to be absolutely sacrilegious. For months after its release, angry reactions from fans who felt jilted by the massive departure in tone and content from a beloved property bordered on vitriolic, and public condemnations of Velma sometimes devolved entirely into ugly hate rants directed at Kaling herself. 

Four days into the lifecycle of Netflix’ Good Times, an animated adaptation so disrespectful to its source material and reckless in its portrayal of racial issues that it invoked criticism from the NAACP just off of its trailer, online fans of the first African American two-parent family sitcom in TV history have made their voices heard on what is shaping up to be the latest soulless, ill-conceived, cash-in reboot by a major streamer to break even entirely on hate-watching.

Here’s what the fans are saying about the bad looks on Good Times… 


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