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5 Bad Movies Fixed By Making The Lead Actors Trade Parts

There was a real missed opportunity not having Michael Clarke Duncan, the most underrated actor in film history, as the lead of 'Planet Of The Apes.'


5 Marvel Superhero Teams We Should Be Giving Our Attention

Someone hurry up and give us our damn Sasquatch superhero.


6 Massive Movie Franchises (And How To Actually Watch Them)

As someone that has spent a lot of time watching movies when he should have been sleeping/working/KFCing, I'm here to help.


5 Movie Reboots That Answered Stupid Questions Nobody Asked

Filmmakers have wasted plenty of time and resources answering questions which few asked and nobody really needs answers to.


5 Times Fans Made The Pros Look Like Total Amateurs

The very likely reason we don't have 'Half-Life 3' yet is because the developers are scared fans are going to make a better version of it.


If You Thought Game Of Thrones Felt Off, You're Not Wrong

We are seeing a collision between two immutable laws of fiction which have lived side by side within the show for years.


12 Bizarre Influences Behind Famous Movies And Shows

Next time you cut someone off in traffic, you might be the inspiration for million-dollar movie franchise where everyone gets murdered.


5 Major Ways That Fantasy Movies And Porn Overlap

Pretty much all heroes in fantasy are the Ron Jeremy's of their worlds.


3 Ultra Specific Rules Hollywood Has About Incest Plots

The way Hollywood talks about incest is somehow even weirder than the idea of people wanting to get some non-strange strange.


6 Big Movies Made By The Last Person You'd Expect

Turns out Michael Myers had a pretty wholesome career when not murdering teenagers.


6 Places You're Picturing Utterly Wrong (Thank Pop Culture!)

If you're thinking about moving to Hell's Kitchen to become a blind vigilante, you better be making a lot of money.


The DC Movie Universe Is Sucking (And It's Batman's Fault)

After Christopher Nolan's 'Dark Knight' trilogy, Warner Bros. had a tough choice to make. They could give the character a rest for a little while and wait for the proper inspiration, or they could not do that at all.


5 Parodies That Stopped Working When Real Movies Got Dumber

As long as cinema has existed, it's always been ready, willing, and able to completely embarrass itself for cash.


6 Of Your Fave Characters (Who Nearly Sucked Out The Gate)

The Soup Nazi was one bad decision away from the being least-quoted 'Seinfeld' character of all time.