Yo, Mr. Moneybags. Check Out These Money Clips, Yeah?

Your value as a human being isn't about the contents of your wallet. It's about the wallet itself!
Yo, Mr. Moneybags. Check Out These Money Clips, Yeah?

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Some folks think that a human being's value comes from the amount of money they have at a given time, and that's BS. Your value isn't about the contents of your wallet; it's about the wallet itself! That's why the Cracked Store has compiled some of the most compact and cleverly designed money-huggers we could find, then arranged them into a helpful list so you can find exactly what you're looking for.

Dash Bando Slim Utility Wallet


Dash Bando should be a character that Lando Calrissian beats in a game of intergalactic poker. Instead it is a technological marvel of a wallet. Its walls contain RFID-blocking technology to protect your credit card strips from magnets and scanners, its ultra-durable Saffiano canvas construction makes it long-lasting, and the pull-tab backside can accommodate a stunning 10 cards. It even has a quick-draw slot in the back for your frequently used ID or bus pass.

Normally $25, you can get Dash Bando in the Cracked Shop for just $17.99.

Fantom 10 Quick Access Slim Wallet


Fantom, in addition to sounding like a Silver Age Spider-Man villain, is a pretty innovative piece of pocket bling. Fantom is both convenient and neat, holding up to 10 cards, and even operates with an ergonomic thumb lever for one-handed quick-draw use, for you Yosemite Sam types. It's also made entirely out of carbon fiber and plastic, which gives it a pretty sleek look.

Normally $79, you can get Fantom in the Cracked Shop for just $49.

Minimalist Aluminum RFID-Blocking Wallet

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The Minimalist Aluminum wallet is perfect for anyone trying to live a no-frills, functional life. It's the type of wallet we imagine Ron Swanson would have (except he probably would have carved it himself out of oak). This has sheets of sleek aluminum forming a money clip and a card-holder, plus RFID-blocking technology to keep the tech-savvy thieves out of your accounts.

Normally $49, you can get yours in the Cracked Shop for just $19.99.

Dash 4.0 RFID-Blocking Wallet

Yo, Mr. Moneybags. Check Out These Money Clips, Yeah?

Dash is a simple cardholder focused on minimizing bulk while still allowing for up to 15 cards. It also has RFID blocking technology to protect your identity (you're basically begging to be robbed if you're not on the RFID-blocking train at this point).

Normally $24, you can get Dash in the Cracked Shop for just $19.99.

Bundeze Bandit Multi-Tool Wallets

Yo, Mr. Moneybags. Check Out These Money Clips, Yeah?

The Bundeze Bandit might sound like a second-tier Nancy Drew villain, but it is actually a fantastic multi-tool wallet that you need right now. Not only does it store money, but it also comes with metric and standard wrenches, Philips and regular bits, and (best of all) a bottle opener. It's the last wallet / on-the-go toolkit you'll ever need.

Normally $25, you can get Bundeze Bandit in the Cracked Shop for just $21.

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