Travel For The Holidays For Cheap With This Handy Service

Travel For The Holidays For Cheap With This Handy Service

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Plan on traveling for the holidays? Get ready for the emotional and financial sucker punch that is dealing with airlines, their jacked-up prices, their hidden fees, and a snarky comment or two at the airport for good measure. We can't change the way these folks do business, but we can change how we do business with them.

Matt's Flights specializes in beating the airlines at their own game. While airlines around the world jack up prices and add hidden fees, Matt's Flights is working to identify fare oversights and unpublicized sales to help you get incredible deals on flights.


When you sign up, Matt and his team scour the web for cheap flights that you might be interested in and deliver emails to your inbox when fares are identified, based on preferences you set. As a premium member, you'll get instant access to all the best deals their team finds. When you're ready to book, you'll even get personal flight and travel planning support from Matt himself.

Where Matt's Flights truly outclasses other flight services is personalization. You'll get at least three deals per week, but you also are allowed an unlimited number of custom search requests to guarantee the cheapest airfare and times for your specific needs. It's kind of a throwback to travel agents of old. You know, like back in the ancient bygone era of the 1990s.

Matt's Flights has a few premium subscriptions available at major discounts. Sign up for one year for 49% off $49.99 at just $25, for three years for 47% off $149.97 at just $79, or for life at 60% off $499.99 at just $199. Plus you can use the code MerrySave15 at checkout to knock an additional 15% off the price, bringing them down to $21.25, $67.15, and $169.15, respectively.

Prices are subject to change.

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