The Guy Who Made 'The Room' Has A New Film About A Big Shark

What was most surprising about the Sharknado franchise when it debuted in 2013 was how well it worked despite the fact that the best bad movies generally aren't made to fail, but hand-crafted by master shit artisans with lofty aspirations that fail spectacularly all on their own. The Room, one of the worst movies ever made -- directed by Tommy Wiseau, one of the weirdest people ever made -- is the world's best example of this.

Now Wiseau is getting a second shot at cinematic glory with a new movie that looks bad for all the wrong reasons. It's called Big Shark, and judging from its teaser trailer, it looks like Wiseau is really leaning into his own ineptness.

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The teaser jams all of Wiseau's filmmaking instincts into but a minute. His attention to technical detail (and how little of it he has) is on full display in the sound mixing. The static pops in the audio are so intense that it makes it seem like it's not the trailer's fault the sounds sucks, but rather your speakers that are shit. And right off the bat, Tommy shows us that Big Shark will deliver even more of his patented weird portrayals of male friendship unfolding in close proximity to strikingly generic buildings.

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Things start going off the rails toward the end of the teaser, when we find out that the titular big shark is not a metaphor for the pain eating away at a man's soul, but an actual large shark that's attacking people on the streets of Los Angeles.

The visuals are so dark that it's hard to tell there's a shark in the upper-left corner.YoutubeThe visuals are so dark that it's hard to tell there's a shark in the upper-left corner.

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Once the great white shark breaches the shin-deep water that has flooded the streets, it becomes evident that Wiseau is now in on the joke. He has Sharknado-ed his own career. Considering he is still Tommy Wiseau and has not gotten any better at filmmaking, there's still a chance Big Shark is going to be brimming with human interaction so far removed from reality that you'll wonder if Wiseau is part of an intergalactic filmmaker exchange program.

But so far, there's something a little disheartening about Wiseau leaning into all the wrong things that made The Room so wonderfully terrible. The Room worked because of the disparity between his aspirations and execution. Without that sincerity, the awful won't feel as pure.

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