Take The Pain Out Of Traveling With These 5 Products

Take The Pain Out Of Traveling With These 5 Products

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Travelling is expensive, especially if you're doing it by air. Want to sit in a seat that doesn't drive your knees into your pelvis? Pay up. Need to bring a few more bags than you expected? Sorry about your kid's college fund. Want to eat anything at the airport lounge? That burger will cost EVERYTHING YOU HAVE AND EVER WILL HAVE.

So to make your sky bucks count, save your money and make your experience as luxurious as possible with these five handy travel accessories.

Rolo Travel Bag


The average traveler's packing strategy is usually something like this:

1) Pick up a laundry basket and dump the contents into a suitcase.

2) Be forced to gate-check your nightmare chaos bag because it weighs more than most dairy-providing farm animals.

Alternatively, you could behave like a functioning human with this classy Rolo Travel Bag. The bag is 16x6 inches and rolls up into itself, so all you have to do is hang your clothes on its 360-degree hanging hook. It's basically a portable closet, and your button-ups will thank you. Buy it now for $42.99 in the Cracked Store, while it's on sale for a limited time.

Zendure 40W Max A-Series Four-Port USB Travel Wall Charger


While there's apparently nothing wrong with your airport's game plan to include one outlet for every 300 passengers, you could spare yourself a fight to the death over the last one at the gate and just bring your own. This Zendure 40W Max A-Series Four-Port USB Travel Wall Charger is an excellent choice because it plugs into just about any wall outlet, no matter where in the world you might be. Plus, with four USB ports, you can charge all of your devices simultaneously at speeds fit for intergalactic space ships. Buy it now for $32.95 in the Cracked Store, a temporary discount of almost 20 percent off.

TravelMate Hair Clipper Kit


Here's a scenario for you: You're four months into growing out that beautiful man-bun (or just a regular old bun) when your boss sends you on an unexpected business trip to someplace exotic, like French Polynesia or Statesville, North Carolina. How will you maintain your hair on the go? Worry no more, because this TravelMate Hair Clipper Kit has got any hairstyle covered. The clipper comes with a docking station, battery, sharp blade, and extra attachments so you can give your entire body the grooming it deserves. Typically a high-end clipper like this would cost you about $100, but you can get this one for just $20 in the Cracked Store while it's 70 percent off.

Paww WaveSound 3 Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

Take The Pain Out Of Traveling With These 5 Products

Although there's nothing more enthralling than listening to an aspiring entrepreneur tell all the strangers in your aisle about his many successful start-up ideas ("It's like Uber, but for people with Hulu accounts!"), you could also just listen to something you want to hear with a pair of Paww WaveSound 3 Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones. These headphones can block out up to 20 decibels of ambient noise, and in case you don't have your dB-to-noise conversion chart on hand, it means you won't hear a peep of anything else. Buy these now, because they're on sale for almost 50 percent off in the Cracked Store, just $79.99.

AirBolt Smart Travel Lock

Oty Wennt Deat AIRYTOLT

The AirBolt Smart Travel Lock is pretty much the best thing to happen to luggage since the invention of folding. It's the world's first Bluetooth-powered luggage lock, and connects to your smartphone via an app, allowing you to lock and unlock it remotely. It also offers location tracking so you can find your luggage when it gets lost, as well as ping alerts if there are 90 other bags that look exactly like yours sitting in baggage claim. Anywhere else, this lock would cost $80, but we're offering it in the Cracked Store for just $54.99.

It doesn't matter if you're a Space Cowboy or an Adventuring Doctor. In the end, The Hero's Journey is what life is all about. So get out there and really LIVE.

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