4 Myths About The Ocean Movies Want Us To Believe

Welcome to Hollywood Myths, Cracked — our new series where we look at some of the blatant lies the Movie Illuminati keeps spreading through their films about cute little clownfish and murderous giant dino sharks.

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Resume Writing And LinkedIn Profile Optimization

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If you want your application to catch a prospective employer's attention, you need to learn ways to make your resume stand out without inventing a series of fanciful accomplishments or including a photo of the employer's loved ones tied to a chair. This online course will provide you with invaluable tips and tricks to hack your resume and LinkedIn profile to optimize your employment chances and land your dream job. Learn which keywords employers look for and how to keep your resume from getting weeded out by gatekeeping bots. Normally this course costs $199, but if you click here right now, you can take 94 percent off and get lifetime access for just $9.99.

Break Away: Programming And Coding Interviews

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Job interviews can be nerve-wrackingly tough, and if you don't prepare well enough, you're in danger of finding yourself pulling a George Costanza and lying your way straight into an uncomfortable situation. Break Away will teach you how to ace any job interview in the programming and coding industry. Featuring 83 lectures and over 20 hours of instruction designed by a team that has conducted hundreds of technical interviews at both Google and Flipkart, this course will help you land that high-powered job you've been chasing without resorting to faking a limp. Normally the course costs $99, but you can click here to save 88 percent and get lifetime access for just $10.99.

Interviewing Skills For Jobs

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Job interviews are a little like police interrogations, only you're somehow always less prepared for them and you can't ask your lawyer for hints. This course features 316 lectures and eight hours of instruction designed to teach you the necessary skills to crush any job interview, including confidence-boosting strategies and communication tactics so you don't suddenly freeze up like a malfunctioning cyborg. Normally the course sells for $199.99, but click here right now to take 94 percent off and get lifetime access for $10.99.

Modern Copywriting: Writing Copy That Sells in 2019

Take 2019 (And A New Job) By Storm With These 5 Courses

Copywriting is a lucrative field, but if the most successful piece of ad copy you've ever written was a tweet clarifying that the explosive bout you had in the gas station bathroom had nothing to do with their snacks, then you could probably use this course. Modern Copywriting: Writing Copy That Sells in 2019 features seven hours of instruction on the important skills and techniques of a successful copywriter, including the basics of understanding products as they relate to your audience, persuasion tactics, and formulas to help break writer's block. Normally the course sells for $199, but you can click here right now to save 94 percent and get lifetime access for $10.99.

Heroic Public Speaking

Take 2019 (And A New Job) By Storm With These 5 Courses

If you're planning on scoring a sweet new gig in 2019, you'll need to know how to give a great interview and deliver a convincing presentation to an audience of your peers. (Note: Quoting The Wolf O1f Wall Street does not count.) That's where Heroic Public Speaking can help you. This course contains over ten hours of instruction by a New York Times bestselling business author, and will teach you how to engage an audience, how to structure your presentation to maximize that engagement, and how to deal with the nervousness that everyone experiences while speaking in front of a crowd. Normally the course costs $49, but click here right now to save 61 percent and get lifetime access for just $19.

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Hoping to score a promotion after all this? These 10 Must-Have Skills That Will Give Your Resume A Huge Boost.

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