Streaming Your Favorite TV And Movies Just Got Even Simpler

Streaming Your Favorite TV And Movies Just Got Even Simpler

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The streaming revolution has also been a stream of confusion. At this point, trying to remember which shows are on which service requires a mastery of spreadsheets, and also a mastery of patience. And even if you can manage to remember whether your favorite show is on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or HBO Go (or is it HBO Now?), you still have to keep track of all that dang login info. Curse you, modern convenience!

That's where SelectTV by FreeCast comes in. This service aggregates all the free TV and movies from around the web and sticks them right there in your big ol' beautiful face. We're talking CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, the CW, and so on. Seriously, it's over 250,000 free TV shows and 10,000 free movies.

On top of that, it takes all the services you already pay for (that Showtime subscription, your nerdy PGA Tour subscription that all your friends make fun of you for having, the slice of life anime subscription that all of your friends secretly want), and lets you easily access them too. So now, all of your TV and all of your movies are in one place.

Searching for free stuff to watch on SelectTV couldn't be easier. You can sort by name, genre, or pretty much any other criteria, and the shows are helpfully divided up by network for your own casual perusal. Free movies range from very recent releases to older and more obscure ones. Most are on-demand, but the ones that are available via channels can be found in a sidebar panel. For TV, you generally have access to the five most recent episodes of a given show (give or take), which is perfect for catching up, but won't turn you into the binge monster that you're scared you've already become.

One of the less obvious perks is the Live Streaming feature, whereby you can check out dozens of different local broadcast stations internationally. Wanna know what's up in Dingle, Ireland? SelectTV might be able to help you with that. Plus, maybe you have a thing for German baking shows. You'll never know unless you try to find out.

But probably the biggest perk is the price shopping, which allows you to compare different prices for the same product. Sometimes Amazon offers movies at a cheaper rate than iTunes, and unless you're willing to spend all day bouncing between browsers and jotting things down on a notepad like a lunatic, SelectTV is the best way to get this done.

SelectTV is accessible via a web browser, and can work over Chromecast, AirPlay, and most other wireless means of connecting to a display.

Overall, this is one of the best TV deals you can find, but just to add a bit of extra savings garnish, we're offering a one-year deal in the Cracked Shop for just $19. (The normal price is $29.99, so that's 36 percent off). Now go out and let your stream flow.

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