Unleash Your Inner Indie Film Director With These Bundles

Odds are pretty good that you've got a tiny filmmaker inside you.
Unleash Your Inner Indie Film Director With These Bundles

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If you're reading this, the odds are pretty good that you've got a tiny filmmaker inside you. We don't mean that Steven Spielberg is living amongst the microbes in your small intestine, though that would actually make for a pretty decent Steven Spielberg film. We just mean that you've got a lot of talent waiting to be unleashed on film festivals and streaming services alike. So whether you've got the germ of an idea for your own film or you've already got a script written, you're going to want to check out these training bundles that teach you the basics of filmmaking.

The Film Director Essentials Bundle


Maybe you're looking to get hired to work on a production, or maybe you're trying to kick-start your own coming-of-age space opera. Either way, you'll want to learn everything possible about making a movie. Your first step is to check out the Film Director Essentials Bundle, a package so good that Stanley Kubrick's ghost gave it two spooky thumbs up.

You'll get over 15 hours of instruction on all the major technical aspects of filmmaking, from directing to casting to cinematography to lighting to how to pick out your fancy director's beret (OK, that last one is more of a personal preference.) You'll learn about blocking, camera angles, coverage, and screen direction, how to run auditions with professional actors, what lenses to use on your camera, and how to manage a set without offending and/or killing anyone. Normally this bundle retails for $316, but if you click here right now, you can jump on a 93 percent discount and get it for just $19.

Videography Bootcamp

Unleash Your Inner Indie Film Director With These Bundles

If you're looking to start a career as a digital content creator, or you're trying to grow your existing YouTube channel by tackling more ambitious projects, look no further than the Videography Bootcamp training bundle. Its contents will instantly put you leaps and bounds above the hoards of Selfie Stick Scorseses that currently populate the internet.

In this bundle, you'll get lifetime access to eight comprehensive courses and over 30 hours of in-depth instruction covering all aspects of video production. You'll learn how to shoot quality videos with DSLR, GoPro, and even your iPhone. You'll also learn how to use professional editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X, how to use drones for aerial photography, how to film on a green screen, and even how to market your independent film.

It's a complete crash course in DIY videography, and if you click here right now, you can get the bundle for just $39. That's a 97 percent discount from the standard retail price of $1,728, so if you have any interest at all in creating your own content empire, you'd be a ridiculous bananas person to pass this up.

You will be the director who says "F*ck Ferris, Save Cameron." You will be the producer willing to give Logan Scissorhands the greenlight. YOU will be an ARTISTE.

Keep working toward your dreams, Little Dreamer. And Make Your Hollywood Dreams A Reality With Final Draft.

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