School's Back In Session, Learn To Code With These 5 Bundles

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Coders are taking over the world. Look around you. The computer you're reading this on? The server that used magic to transmit the data to you? These things were made by coders. And if you take the right classes, you too can be among these living gods. Behold the glorious truths below.

The Complete C Programming Certification Bundle

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The C programming language is the backbone of video game development. So if you want to leave your boring office job where you daydream about playing video games and actually learn to make games and get paid for it, then this course is how to do it. You get over 70 hours of content, from introductory concepts to the advanced scripting and code development you need to pull off the type of product that Kotaku drools over.

All together these classes would be over $1,100, but in the Cracked Shop, you can pick them up right now for just $39.

Pay What You Want: The Python Master Class Bundle


Not only does this class teach you Python, one of the most marketable and important programming skills around, but it also does it in clever, innovative ways. For example, they included a literal game called "PyGame," which itself teaches you how to make a game. Meta!

These classes would cost over $1,000 all together, but you can grab them right now in the Cracked Shop for an amazing Pay What You Want deal.

Pay What You Want: The Legendary Learn To Code Bundle


If you want a broad, holistic approach to coding -- an all-you-can-eat-buffet of computer language knowledge, if you will -- then this bundle is a Golden Corral. It tackles front-end development, Python, SQL, Angular 7, Web Development, and Java. We're talking nearly $2,000 worth of information for a stunning Pay What You Want deal, only in the Cracked Shop.

Devslopes Coding Academy -- Lifetime Membership


The Devslopes Coding Academy is all about helping you make the best apps you can. It's both Jedi Master and Jedi Cheerleader, as it trains you and then supports you from the sidelines as you create apps that net you tons and tons of cash. So if that's your goal, here's your chance to truly shine.

Normally $5,000, you can grab this subscription in the Cracked Shop right now for just $29.

The Complete C# Master Class Course


There are a lot of difficult questions in life. "Should I marry this person?" "Should I delete my Instagram account?" "Should I leave my job to party with Motley Crue?" (That was probably a big one a couple decades ago, but not so much now.) But one question is actually pretty easy to answer: "Should I learn C#?" Absolutely. And this master class course is going to make it happen.

This $200 class is available for just $12.99 in the Cracked Shop.

Prices are subject to change.

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Because you're gonna Take 2019 (And A New Job) By Storm With These 5 Courses.

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