9 Simple Ways To Learn Python (For Any Reason)

9 Simple Ways To Learn Python (For Any Reason)

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This might surprise you, but Python is more than just an exceptional Syfy Original Movie from 2000 starring Billy Zabka and Wil Wheaton. So much more.

Aside from general-purpose computing, Python is the top dog in the world of artificial intelligence, and can be used for everything from web development to building robots that can learn. But knowing how to code isn't just about manifesting the eventual reality of building our very own Westworld; it can also land you a lucrative role in our currently bleak employment landscape. (Perhaps as a technician in a real-life Westworld, or the Syfy version of it, Desertville.) To learn to code for intellectual curiosity or a big payday, this Python Programming boot camp is available in our store for $39, 96 percent off the usual price.

Here's what you'll be doing over these nine courses:

Fast Track Python For Newbies

9 Simple Ways To Learn Python (For Any Reason)

This is the course to start with if the most hacking you've ever done is logging onto your pal's Facebook when they weren't looking. Put on a Lakers game for background noise, and by the time they've lost, you'll have picked up the essentials of the Python programming language.

Learn Python Image Processing By Making Instagram-Style Filters

9 Simple Ways To Learn Python (For Any Reason)

Get out of here with that #nofilter. Congratulations, you took a picture of a beach that was adequate. Get over it. If you're going to engage in social media, then you might as well see the world through sepia-colored glasses. This course ups your Insta-game by teaching you to build an app that allows you to load a photo, edit its contrast, brightness, and grayscale, and then create and apply custom filters. You'll have so much fun basking in all the new likes that you won't even realize you've learned Python theory along the way.

Create A Raspberry Pi Smart Security Camera With Python


Anyone whose seen Taken knows that keeping your family safe is as good a reason as any to learn how to code, especially if you're like us and aren't really into the whole "Travel across the world and vengefully break wrists" thing. This course will teach you practical programming skills by having you build a Raspberry-Pi-powered camera which detects movement and alerts you via text if criminals try to break into your home. Consider it the cheaper alternative to physically hunting multiple kidnappers across Europe.

Master Data Visualization With Python

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You may fancy yourself a learned individual, a person beholden to science. When someone makes a claim which they "read on Google or something," you proudly boast, "Perhaps we should see the data," and everyone cheers joyously, for you are The Defender of Facts and the Champion of the Cold Hard Truth. But here's the problem: The cold hard truth is often hidden on spreadsheets alongside petabytes of detailed data, and in order to interpret it yourself, you're going to have to learn data visualization. Thankfully, this crash course in Data Visualization with Python will restore you to fact-finding glory in just three hours.

The Complete Python Programming Boot Camp: Beginner To Advanced

9 Simple Ways To Learn Python (For Any Reason)

After you've dipped your toes in Python-infested water, it's only a matter of time before you get dragged into the deep end by the voracious serpent of Computer Science. In the Complete Python Programming Boot Camp, you'll learn how to tame the beast and take your code skills to a more professional level. Feel free to update your resume accordingly.

Learn Python With 70+ Exercises

9 Simple Ways To Learn Python (For Any Reason)

Learning can be challenging without context. A run-of-the-mill calculus lecture might make your eyes crust over, but the moment you realize it can be used to max out your Charizard's fighting stats, you suddenly become a Rhodes Scholar. In much the same way, this Python course will have you learn by doing, applying Python syntax and data structures to real-world examples.

Python Programming For Beginners: Learn Python In One Day

9 Simple Ways To Learn Python (For Any Reason)

Obviously you can't learn every nuance of Python in a single day. It's a language. That'd be like spending a day in Paris and then being able to pass yourself off as the ambassador to France. But while we can't promise that you'll be completely fluent in Python by the end of this course, we can promise that you'll absorb enough to be able to put "working knowledge of Python programming" on your resume. That's got to at least be the equivalent of learning to ask where the toilet is in French, right?

Machine Learning With Python

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This course in applied AI will give you a handle on supervised and unsupervised machine learning, allowing you to implement tools such as Natural Language Processing. This is the first step to having your very own robot butler, and considering you've been wanting one since you saw first saw Rocky III, we suggest beginning this course immediately.

Python For Finance: Investment Fundamentals And Data Analytics

9 Simple Ways To Learn Python (For Any Reason)

If you're going to learn Python, then why not cash in on the investment? In Python for Finance, you'll learn how to assess investment risks, correlate stock performance, and perform regression analysis. Even if you have no desire to become a Wall Street fat cat, this course can help you improve your own personal financial portfolio and keep those dolla dolla bills rolling in.

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