Learn ALL The Ins And Outs Of Game Building W/This Bundle

Coding has been the future for so long its technically become part of the past.
Learn ALL The Ins And Outs Of Game Building W/This Bundle

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Coding has been the future for so long that technically it's also part of the past. It has so many diverse professional applications that it's sort of strange these days if you don't know how to code. So whether you're kicking off your career or just looking for a change, now's a great time to diversify your skill set with the following classes.

These would normally cost over $1,700, but are available in the Cracked Store right now for a very special pay-what-you-want deal. Pay literally anything you want to get an HTML game coding course, or beat the average price (which is currently ridiculously low) to get all 13 courses, including ...


Learn How To Code: Google's Go Programming Language

Go is Google's open-source programming language, and it's as easy to use as Google itself. Or at least it will be after you take this course, which plunges you face-first into modern best practices for programming. You'll also get advice from a university professor with 15 years of experience.

The Complete Front-End Web Development Course

Front-end web development is one of the most in-demand skills in tech, mostly because people don't realize how easy it is to get a grip on it. This course takes you through building a simple HTML page to building an entire JavaScript-based Google Chrome extension. Before you're done, you'll be able to hop into any comment section on the internet and condescendingly explain why said website sucks.

Angular 7: Practical Guide

Angular is a Google-developed open-source language for front-end web application development. The 78 lectures in this class will teach you its core concepts, give you some neat tips, and teach you all the (ahem) "angles" you need to make it work.

Git Complete: The Definitive Step-By-Step Guide

Git is kinda like the Swiss army knife of distributed version control systems. It's widely used and supported across different industries and disciplines. After you finish this course, you'll be able to use Git to support a project faster than you can say "git."

Complete Java Masterclass: Become An Android App Developer

You want Java? We've got your Java right here. You'll get 26 lectures and five hours of content to make any Android app a total cinch. You can knock that out in an afternoon with a couple cups of coffee.

Become A Web Developer: Learn The Fundamentals Of Ruby

Ruby is one of the easiest programming languages to pick up by far. This hands-on course serves you up a Ruby primer, and provides a step-by-step look at what it takes to code with Ruby. Best of all, it's designed for somebody with absolutely no experience. So if you've been struggling to figure out what this article is even about, then Ruby is for you.

C# Fundamentals: Learn Coding For Game Development

C# is the preferred coding language for modern video games, since it's object-oriented and extremely beginner-friendly. With this course, you can run your code live on Rextester, develop debugging skills, and even learn how to code in C# from scratch.

Beginning SQL: Store And Query Your Data

The ability to store, query, and reorganize data is getting more important and more valuable by the day. This class will teach you how to use SQLite and wrangle that info like an experienced data cowboy.

Discover jQuery: Create Interactive Websites

Interactivity is getting more common and more valuable, and that will only continue as the internet grows. If you're JQuery-savvy, then you can be the person making sure that this interactivity works across every platform, and with every device.

Web Scraping With Python And BeautifulSoup

If you're going to get into data science, you'll need to become familiar with "web scraping." No, it's not removing spider webs from the gutters of your laptop; it's gathering data from tons of websites at once and using it to build a set of information that will be useful. Once you've mastered Python and Beautiful Soup, you'll be scraping, storing, and sanitizing that data in perfectly formatted CSV sheets like a pro.

Build Web Applications With React

React is a JavaScript library that's extremely popular for anyone building a responsive user interface. These classes will help you create fully featured apps from scratch and then deploy them online, making your portfolio stand out.

The Complete Python Data Visualization Course

Data isn't much use if you can't see it in a way that makes sense, and learning Python is the best way to do that (short of having Nate Silver on speed dial). No matter where you compile your data, be it from libraries like Matplotlib, Seaborn, or Bokeh, you'll have extended your skills into a variety of plots that can cover any cases possible.

HTML5 Game Development For Beginners With Phaser

Learning to make games might be more fun than actually playing them. This class teaches you how to build a game from scratch with 13 lectures and two hours of content that will help you implement an intuitive UI and control scheme.

That's a lot of information for very little money. So head on over to the Cracked Store and take advantage of this deal while you can.

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