John Early Is Figuring Out How to Be Sincere

As the star of the sharp new indie ‘Stress Positions,’ the irreverent comic works in a more serious vein. He tells Cracked why he’s getting comfortable with being earnest — even if he’s scared everyone will think he’s pretentious

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4 Things You'd Never Guess About The Opposite Sex's Crotch

4 Things You'd Never Guess About The Opposite Sex's Crotch

The world is a crazy mishmash of diversity. We have different faiths, different politics, and above all, different crotches. In general, we have two kinds of crotches, but those two kinds are mystifying and perplexing to the ones not wielding them. And you may not think so now. You may be thinking "Man, I have been up in so many crotches in my day, I'm like a crotch Da Vinci" but let me assure you, that crotch still holds many a mystery that you never even imagined.

Missing Balls

Ladies, are you familiar with balls or, as they're known in science circles, deez nutz? They're a pair of oversensitive little snowflakes that men carry around in their pastrami coin purses and, beyond a biological function, they're mostly just decorative. Fun for teabagging, ridiculously capable of collecting sweat, and oddly musky after a day of playing sports or just sitting in a room with no AC. You're likely aware of most of this from all the ball porn you ladies watch. But what you may not be aware of, and what you really have no reason to be aware of, is the fact that your average nut has a serious case of wanderlust. Sometimes, just sometimes, a ball will just up and vanish.

4 Things You'd Never Guess About The Opposite Sex's Crotch

This shit is just a Bermuda Triangle of balls.

What do I mean vanish? I mean take the fuck off. Pack up their bindle stick and head out for a life on the road. And it's only ever one at a time, as though your nuts had a heated argument and one forced the other to go spend the night at its parents' house. So your sack will still be slouching there against your thigh like a drunk trying to stay on the dance floor, and one ball will be holed up in there like the Unabomber in his shack. The other one will be three fingers deep in your torso, exploring the nooks and crannies of whatever the fuck is equidistant between your dick and your butthole.

To the best of my knowledge, your balls will occasionally rise up like the disgruntled citizens of an unjust regime, but it's generally for warmth. This isn't that. This is like a lava lamp situation, with blorpy stuff just oozing about because it can, no real rhyme or reason behind it. The little vagrant will always return home in short order, no worse for the wear and tight lipped about what sights he may have seen. But know that sometimes, when you least expect it, there's a nut that's just gone walkabout like a little semen-producing Crocodile Dundee.

4 Things You'd Never Guess About The Opposite Sex's Crotch

"I have a journey to go on, my friends. You won't understand it, but you will be in my ball heart." - Your nut sack

In technical terms, they call this a retractile testicle, which is a great name. Your cremaster muscle gets a little overactive, like how if you work out too hard and you're super pumped, your biceps and triceps will just totally rage in a spastic fashion. Only this time, it's in your bag, and your nut will just zip up like a monkey on a vine. It can happen due to anxiety or just some stimulation in that area. So nothing crazy or darkly magical, just some crazy ball roaming.

Anytime Boners

Ladies, you've met a boner before, right? And for you younger and/or chaste readers, you've read my terribly offensive articles before, right? So you're probably at least on handshake terms with boners. You know where they live, their general habits, and their diet. I would even wager you heard in health class or from a guy on the bus that a boner can crop up at the weirdest times? For instance, when a dude's jorts rub him the wrong way or he sees a canary melon and thinks of a boob. Ha ha, boners are the unpredictable scamps of the coital world. But did you have any idea how unpredictable they are?

Aside from the normal reason and the just-a-few houses down from normal reasons, there is a fun melange of nightmare reasons why boners occur. Obviously medication side effects can lead to erections, but so can spider bites, fear of being a sexual deviant, meal supplements, and comically tragic bicycle injuries. These scenarios all sound radically different, but they all have one factor that connects them: Near them, the boner lurks.


Listen to them. The boners of the night. What music they make!

How does pain manage to dance with boners in people who don't typically get off on pain? That's one of the mysteries of science, but any number of uncomfortable feelings from anxiety to nervousness to just outright agony can and will give way to Mr. Blinky standing tall and trying to do his thing, even if the rest of your body is a quivering mass of discomfort.

In terms of injuries, it can be a matter as simple as a blood-flow problem -- you damage a wang artery, the blood can't flow the way it should, you end up saluting the flag every time you move. But when that's not the case, the cause can sometimes be a mystery to medical science -- your dick plays its cards close to the balls and doesn't explain itself all that often.


We put a man on the moon. But the boner? The boner remains unconquered.

Menstrual Pad Importance

As a man, there's only so much I can do to help support and understand women. I don't want to be a douche, and I don't think most people want to, even if they succeed at it admirably. I want to do the best I can to try to understand everyone's worldview, and as a white dude who grew up in a white neighborhood where people never really talked about politics, the outside world or anything particularly heavy at all, it's a process. Part of this process is trying to wrap my head around pads, which is distinctly different from wrapping pads around my head. Is this world changing or deeply philosophical? Does it solve humanity's problems or rise to the level of anything profound that helps better our species? Maybe not, but I don't write articles to save the world. Sometimes, we just need to sit back and wonder about the mysteries of shit that are obvious to everyone else.

Most men, at some point, will be tasked with purchasing pads for someone in need. It happens. In the world of sitcoms, it's a terribly embarrassing endeavor and you must sheepishly enter the aisle and pretend you're shopping for something else and then look like a deer caught in the headlights when the cashier inevitably calls for a price check. On pads! For vaginas! Oh man, is your face red! THE BEER BACON MANLY MAN IS BUYING THE LADY OBJECTS. PLANT A SCARLET LETTER UPON HIS CHEST.

4 Things You'd Never Guess About The Opposite Sex's Crotch


In real life, buying pads is like buying something that isn't a pad. However, and this is key, while you were probably told exactly what kind to buy, if they don't have what you're looking for, if you forget, or if nothing was specified for some reason, you have no chance of choosing the right one. Pads are like the Grail at the end of Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade. There's a ton of choices and if you choose poorly, expect to become a dusty skeleton in no time under the withering glare of the woman you've just disappointed.

In my mind, pads operate like deodorant or the Walmart underwear rack. Sure I see a lot of options, but at the end of the day, I can probably make due with anything that's there. But holy shit, not so with pads. Despite your general knowledge of a woman's flower and its botanical habit of sloughing off an internal uterine layer, not every pad can accommodate this for every woman. Wings may be necessary to anchor that slippery little shit in place. You also need to factor in absorbency based on flow, the shape of the pad, the fabric of the pad, and the general way it fits because you never want to try to fit a square peg in a round hole, especially if you have the wrong-sized pad wrapped around it.

4 Things You'd Never Guess About The Opposite Sex's Crotch


There's literally no way you can get the correct pad on a whim as a dude except for blind luck. You have to have instruction or you might as well be trying to figure out what your cat means when it turns its head and stares at you all shifty-like when you're on the toilet.

4 Things You'd Never Guess About The Opposite Sex's Crotch

I'm trying to poop. Please, cat, what is my quest?

It's not that I or any man is necessarily dumb for not "getting" pads. It's just that there's no common ground to meet on. I can only conceive of, in the most basic way, the issues with trying to properly fit something on or near a body part I don't have. I can't even decide if "on" or "near" are the right words to use, that's how unqualified I am to deal with this.

Fart Smuggling

I didn't want to make this article dark. I didn't want to "go there," as the hip kids say. But dammit, I'm going there. And you're coming with me. Bring a lawn chair.


Not to kill the mood, but it's time to talk butt stuff.

Surely we can all be adults when we discuss flatulence, or "floating air biscuits," if you will. Who amongst us hasn't gorged themselves on a hearty baked bean and cauliflower casserole laced with vegan ham and awoken the next morning feeling like a gremlin was trying to breakdance its way from our asshole? Farts are natural and beautiful in the way that any kind of fetid gas from one's shit shooter is beautiful.

There is a thing I learned, though. A thing told to me by a woman who, upon learning the topic of this article, took a moment to stare off into space as she pondered the idea. After a brief period of silence, her expression became inspired and she eagerly said to me, "What about farts in your vagina?"

First, I hope that was the first time that sentence was ever uttered aloud. I get a kick out of feeling like I've heard or said something literally no one in mankind's history has ever seen or heard. But second, I was briefly confused.

4 Things You'd Never Guess About The Opposite Sex's Crotch

I set sail for undiscovered lands, for I am the Magellan of farts.

"Queefs?" I asked, as if it was the most natural follow up in a normal conversation. She shook her head.

"Gross, no. OK, sometimes, as a woman, when you fart it maybe goes forward instead of back? And it can sneak into your vagina."

I stared as though I were Paul Atreides having just consumed the Water of Life and my mind was expanding beyond space and time. I imagined a stealthy fart creeping forth under the cover of night, holding up at the border of the ass cheeks until the Vaginal Guards had a shift change, then sneaking like a ninja across the Taint Barrier and backflipping into the safety of the vagina.

"What does it do once it gets in there?" I asked, enraptured. Her expression changed to one I'm all too familiar with. One that says "Please stop speaking."

"What do you think it does? It's not a DJ, it's not having a party. It just gets stuck. You have to kind of shift and shimmy a bit to force it back out."

4 Things You'd Never Guess About The Opposite Sex's Crotch

"This is DJ Bottom Burp, spinnin' the classics. Here's a little number I'm sure you all remember: PFFFBBBBBBBTTTTBBBBTBBTTT."

I nodded. This was reasonable. Not reasonable, but understandable. A woman, biologically, has a terrible system of fart management set up down there. As a man, when one of my farts takes a wrong turn out of the gate, it just bubbles up under my ballsack and sits there like a frightened mouse until I peel the sack away from the thigh and release it back into the wild. But a woman has an entire mouse house. I had never imagined.

Briefly, I wondered if I'd ever been visiting the enchanted grotto when there was an unwanted guest in the pantry, but then shrugged it off. Best not to know, probably.

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