Anyway, I promised you a 30-second guide. So with the clock running down, here's proof that this is an unmissable lineup of comedians. We've got:

Nikki Glaser

The host of Not Safe With Nikki Glaser! The comedian whose hour-long Comedy Central special was literally perfect! Third thing!

Kate Berlant

She's incredible at everything from stand-up, to experimental short films, to mind-blowing characters you've seen on Netflix:

Ian Karmel

He writes for James Corden, he's opened for John Oliver, his album is crazy good, and here he is crushing on Conan:

HOLY COW, RIGHT? What a good show that you should come to. Get tickets here. And I know I ran out of seconds on that 30-second clock last time I did one of these promo thingies, but this time? THIS TIME? Boy oh boy, lemme tell ya, I'm gonna finish with a-

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