Become The Ultimate Influencer With These 9 App Bundles

Show the social world who's boss.
Become The Ultimate Influencer With These 9 App Bundles

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These days, social media isn't just a fun distraction when you're on the can; it's the best way to promote your business or personal brand, and possibly even gain influence within the world. (What would the Kardashian Empire be without social media?) If you want to maximize your effectiveness in digital spaces, you can't afford to go in blind. You gotta get organized, you gotta strategize, and you gotta get these apps to help.

Social Aider Professional Plan -- Lifetime Subscription

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This neat little app manages multiple social accounts and projects, and allows for long-term scheduling and planning. It even eases your ability to repost from your favorite bloggers by integrating your social feed with an RSS feed. Nifty!

Normally $299, you can get Social Aider in the Cracked Shop right now for just $39.99.

PBN Pilot Lite Plan -- Lifetime Subscription

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The more sites you manage, the more of a hassle it is to keep track of their SEO metrics, update requirements, and manage security. That's why apps like PBN Pilot are here to lend a digital hand. They allow you to manage up to five websites, 2 GB of disk space, and 5 GB of bandwidth. (Which, in layman's terms, is a bigly amount.)

A lifetime subscription normally costs $540, but you can get yours in the Cracked Shop for just $9 -- over 90% off.

Tweet Ninja Twitter Automation Solo Plan -- Lifetime Subscription e oe SEN e wy Upcoming Tweets Aeni ecent tweahs

Tweet Ninja is basically autopilot for Twitter. It monitors hashtags, retweets interesting content that's relevant to your business, and organically grows your following. Plus, it comes with throwing stars and a katana! (Note: Does not actually come with throwing stars or a katana.)

Normally $540, you can get your Tweet Ninja Solo Plan (Lifetime Subscription) in the Cracked Shop for just $39.

Social Status Reporting Pro Plan -- Lifetime Subscription

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This social tracking program is basically a Swiss army knife for social media reporting. It monitors your profile analytics and ad performance, and gives you competitor and influence information. The only thing it doesn't do is function as a literal knife ... yet.

Normally $23,880 for all the programs together, you can buy Social Status Reporting Pro Plan in the Cracked Shop right now for just $89.

SendPilot Social Media Automation -- Lifetime Subscription


If you run a large site, you probably have someone who manages social media. So pair them with a robot that can accurately predict human beings, and you'll have the human/cyborg buddy cop movie that your site needs to succeed. SendPilot is a powerful, AI-driven platform that can write posts and curate engaging content instantly, by monitoring information online and deducing what people are looking for.

Normally $1,740, you can buy the SendPilot Social Media Automation program in the Cracked Shop for just $49.

Postable Instagram Automation Charlie Plan -- Lifetime Subscription

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Postable is an Instagram engagement plan that will give you access to a veritable galactic bounty of smart features for an unlimited number of accounts. You'll be able to automatically follow/unfollow, like, comment, repost, and even message your audience automatically. That way you can actually focus on creating content for Instagram, rather than spending all day managing it.

Normally $325, you can buy the Postable Instagram Automation Charlie Plan in the Cracked Shop for just $29.

Planagram Agency Plan -- Lifetime Subscription

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Do you want the ability to upload and schedule videos, images, and other Instagram posts quickly and easily without having to stare at a screen all day or surgically attach a phone to your palm? Planagram is that easy solution. You'll also get lifetime access for 25 accounts and 3 GB of disk space.

Normally $2,940, you can get the Planagram Agency Plan in the Cracked store right now for just $49.99.

Postible Social Media Automation Standard Plan -- Lifetime Subscription


With Postible, you just upload the media you want, select when you want it to go live in the calendar, and kick back to do other, non-social-media-related activities. It works with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and much like a tattoo or walking in on your parents having sex, it stays with you for life.

Normally $390, you can get yours in the Cracked Shop right now for just $29.

Appz Instagram Assistant -- Lifetime Subscription

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Attempting to grow an online brand can seem like trying to climb a mountain made out of KY Jelly. But Appz can act like a springboard to vault you all the way to the top. (It gets kind of greasy up there, so be careful.) This easy Google Chrome extension will help you auto-like, auto-comment, auto-follow, and auto-unfollow posts and users with the same goals and interests as you. Best of all, it comes with an intuitive dashboard that puts all your relevant brand-growing information right there in front of you.

Normally $1,080, you can get the Appz Instagram Assistant in the Cracked Store right now for just $39.99.

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Go. Get out there. You can do it. It's easy, with these 5 Simple Ways To Become A Social Media Darling (For Cheap).

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