Become The Ultimate Computer Nerd With This Cheap Bundle

Become The Ultimate Computer Nerd With This Cheap Bundle

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With the widespread loss of jobs due to outsourcing and automation and that jerk Steve, the best option for anyone looking to make a livable wage is the technology industry. Fortunately, you don't need a BS in CS to get a career in software development. In fact, you don't need any sort of fancy sheet of paper to get work coding. You just need to get the Complete Computer Science Bundle. Here's why:

You Can Make Up Your Job As You Go

Despite how it might look from the outside, there aren't really standardized job roles in the software industry. The line often blurs between front- and back-end work, and there's no official institution that grants titles like Supreme Leader of Web Development or Intercontinental Software Engineer Champion. If you can master a handful of technologies to provide some kind of business value, be it crafting website layouts or optimizing database structures, you can put whatever you want on a business card and people will buy it.

Programming Jobs Pull From A Variety Of Sources

Employers are looking for the ability to solve problems, reason, and communicate. Whether you gained those faculties by composing music or churning out spreadsheets, any skills that involve planning and logic are transferable to a career in software. Heck, even a chainsaw-juggling circus performer needs to be able to solve problems ("How do I learn to juggle chainsaws?"), reason ("What is the optimal way to juggle these chainsaws?"), and communicate ("Watch out! You're about to get hit by a chainsaw!"). And all of those things will help your future career.

Plenty Of Developers Are Self-Taught

According to a 2016 survey from StackOverflow, a hub for sharing programming knowledge, over 69 percent of working developers taught themselves how to code. College graduates might have better access to the school tech lab and hemp sweaters, but programming autodidacts still outnumber CS degree holders two to one. That's because the needs of the software industry are vastly different than those of University Computer Science Departments. PhDs might not care about cutting down on loading times for streaming video services, but thousands of hungry consumers do. And you can help those consumers, without ever having to deal with a dorm mate's jazz phase.

All You Need Is A Working Computer And A Course

Do you have a working computer and a sexy '90s-era coder pasted to the top of your vision board? (Perhaps Angelina Jolie in the 1995 movie Hackers? Or a topless Matthew Lillard?) Then the only thing holding you back from being the coder of your dreams is a place to start. That place is the Complete Computer Science Bundle. This collection has over 78 hours of video content spread across eight self-contained courses, introducing you to a wide array of essential CS topics, including data structures, algorithms, database management, and object-oriented programming. To solidify your knowledge, you'll study the software business, and write code in C/C++, Python, and Java.

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The system is Broken By Design. But with this course, you'll be a Billionaire Playboy in no time.

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