Become Lord Of The Memes With This Adobe Bundle

Digital design allows you to be creative and develop actual skills for the future.
Become Lord Of The Memes With This Adobe Bundle

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Let's face it, some people who earned degrees aren't exactly using them. As it turns out, most paying jobs don't care that you took a class called "Philosophy In the Works Of Herman Melville," no matter how good your essay on the subtle use of eroticism in Bartleby, The Scrivener was. So you might wanna look for other, more profitable pathways. And in today's job market, one of those pathways is digital design, which allows you to both be creative and develop actual skills for the future.

This online Adobe CC Training delivers seven courses and 247 lessons in all of Adobe's primary digital design products, the mastery of which will turn you into a one-person media empire. This bundle typically sells for $673, but right now you can get it for just $23! You'll get 65 hours of instruction in Adobe's entire software catalog, including ...

Adobe Photoshop

Become Lord Of The Memes With This Adobe Bundle

Photoshop is the most popular photo-editing software in history, and virtually every industry asks for skilled Photoshop editors. Whether you're touching up photos for a magazine, designing posters for a major movie studio, or creating hilarious images of celebrities swapping bodies with breakfast foods (Kevin Bacon is kind of a gimme), there's always going to be someone who needs your expertise. Plus, every group of friends needs at least one person to turn their hijinks into meme form.

Introduction To Animation / Adobe Flash/Animate


"Computer animation" is a phrase we tend to associate with Disney and Transformers films, but you'd be surprised by how many professional industries have a need for it. Whether it's designing character animations for a video game, creating interactive media, designing education modules for use in job training and classrooms, or just creating graphics for your own fantabulous YouTube channel, this Adobe CC Training Bundle will give you everything you need on your quest toward animation domination.

First, you'll get an introductory course to teach you the basics, and then an in-depth mastery course in Adobe Flash/Animate. With Flash, you can also create commercials, short films, and even full-length movies, and honestly, the thought that we'd finally be able to realize our dream of making a cartoon about time-traveling pro wrestlers is enough to make us purchase the bundle alone. We did not write John Cena's Renaissance Vacation for nothing.

Adobe Premiere Pro

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Despite what the dopey-looking actors on your TV screen lead you to believe, you need to actually have some talent to make it in Hollywood. So if you want to one day pal around with those same dopey stars, video editing might be the path for you. Video editors are in high demand right now, and you can make a pretty good living doing freelance work editing commercials, TV shows, internet clips, and celebrity wedding videos with Adobe Premiere Pro. This course will make you familiar with every option and feature of Premiere Pro, including sound mixing and multi-camera source editing, so you can get started on your side hustle as a video editor.

Adobe InDesign


A huge part of graphic design work is layout. Whether you're designing the pages of a book, a magazine, a brochure, or a series of collectible trading cards based around your time-travelling wrestler cartoon (we won't give up on you, "Stone Age" Steve Austin), you're going to need to create a standardized design template. Adobe InDesign is one of the most popular graphic design tools in the business, and understanding it is critical for industry professionals.

Adobe Illustrator


The other significant part of graphic design is the actual graphic design, by which we mean the creation of logos, typography, and other illustrations that go into virtually every single thing we watch or read. Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard vector graphics software, which is a fancy way of saying "gud peepole use Adobe 2 make pictchur wow." This course will help you master Illustrator, giving you a big fat foot in the door the next time you apply for a design job.

Adobe After Effects


Your video is all shot, production is wrapped, and now you have to add the effects that come after. Well, then you need After Effects, duh! Post-production is an incredibly important part of any video content, be it commercials, television shows, or movies, and After Effects allows you to bring your post skills beyond simple cutting and editing. This course will teach you how to create special effects that'll certainly land you a job as lead special effects technician on Brock Lesnar Saves Christmas (And The Reconstruction Era). You know, if that's the sort of thing that you're into.

Get all the included courses and start your empire for $29.

Photoshop is more than a hobby. It's Binary Art. Express your inner creativity with the help of the Droids.

Still not sure where to start? Get In Touch With Your Inner Starving Artist With These Buys.

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