Any Home Chef Worth Their Salt Needs A Good Knife Set


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One of the most mysterious truths of the Universe is that vegetables just taste better if they're chopped with something that could've been forged by Hattori Hanzo. That's why we decided to find some sweet deals on some even sweeter knives. Then we gathered the seven best of them and dropped them in the Cracked Store for you to peruse.

Gotham Steel Pro Cut Stainless Steel Ten-Piece Knife Set

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If you want non-slip comfort grips and perfectly balanced blades, these Gotham Steel Pro knives deliver all that and more. They also come with specially designed scallops, allowing you to slice anything from cheese to butter without worrying about it sticking. A stainless steel core means they'll last through as many bricks of ultra sharp cheddar as you can cram through your digestive system. These nine blades and wooden block would normally cost $125.99, but can be yours from the Cracked Store for just $77.

Damasukasu Three-Piece Japanese Chef Knife Set

Any Home Chef Worth Their Salt Needs A Good Knife Set

These impressive knives are a fine addition (and most likely an upgrade) to any kitchen ensemble. The stain-and-rust-resistant blades also come with a cool surface pattern that alternates from matte gray to silver for a unique look. The steel is full tang, triple riveted, and nitrogen-cooled for incredible hardness. And due to the manufacturing process, every blade is unique, much like fingerprints or your own sparkling personality. These three knives and a wooden box are normally $599, but can be yours through the Cracked Store for just $49.99.

Damasukasu Japanese Three-Piece Master Chef Hanshu Knife Set


These knives, fashioned with the same methods used to make samurai swords, come with a 100-year guarantee, meaning you can give them to your grandkids as a wedding gift. They're even graded to an incredible 62+ Rockwell hardness. According to the manufacturing guidelines, every blade takes over 120 hours to complete, each one made by hand. We wouldn't be surprised if they were tucked in at night and read a bedtime story as well. Normally $199, you can get the Damasukasu Japanese Three-Piece Master Cheft Hanshu Knife Set in the Cracked Store for just $69.99.

Pacific67 Essentials Two-Piece Knife Set

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You only need two knives for a good 80 percent of all your cooking: an 8" chef's knife and a versatile 5" utility knife. This set gives you both, made from Japanese VG-10 steel in a 67-layer Damascus finish, each one with a unique scale and tempered to 62 on the Rockwell hardness scale. If people selected knives like teams select players in the NFL Draft, those numbers would make them worthy of a first-round pick. Normally $228, you can get the Pacific67 Essentials Two-Piece Knife Set in the Cracked Store right now for just $159.

SmartPan Three-Piece Knife Set

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This is the all-purpose knife set you never even realized that you always needed. It includes a carving knife, a Santoku knife, and a utility knife, giving you all you need for working with fish, produce, or meat that needs a perforated blade. Plus it comes with a beautiful wooden box to store them in. Normally $39.99, the SmartPan Three-Piece set is available in the Cracked Store right now for just $19.99.

Super-Sharp Kitchen Knives -- Three-Piece Set

Any Home Chef Worth Their Salt Needs A Good Knife Set

Steel may be good enough for the samurai and buildings, but these knives are made from zirconium ceramic, which is ten times harder than regular steel and second only to diamonds in terms of sharpness. They deliver faster, more precise cutting than any knife you've ever used, and can keep their edge longer. Plus they're incredibly lightweight, and now that we think about it, this is probably what the Vorpal Blade is made of. Normally $276, this three-piece Super-Sharp Kitchen Knives set is only $58 in the Cracked Store.

Cangshan Cutlery Four-Piece Knife Set

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A minimalist aesthetic, and they use high-quality German steel. Is this a Volkswagen? Nope. Even better. It's a wonderful knife set that will help you achieve your culinary dreams. But aside from the sleek design and the high-grade blade, perhaps the coolest thing about these knives is that there's no glue in the handle. Instead, they're held together by a patent-pending high-head oxidized ash wood and a natural green treatment. Normally $195.95, the Cangshan Cutlery Four-Piece Knife Set can be yours in the Cracked Store for just $114.

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