7 Affordable Courses To Enhance Your Education

7 Affordable Courses To Enhance Your Education

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Whoever originally thought that the best way to learn was sitting quietly in a room full of strangers while listening to some guy in a tweed jacket ramble on probably came from the same family as the person who invented medieval torture chambers. Thankfully, computers have allowed us to turn our living rooms into our own private classrooms, where no one will care if you're late to class and don't have any pants on. If you're looking to pick up some new skills without being crippled by debt, these courses are all under $20.

Google Sheets Mastery Course

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For being totally free to use, Google Sheets is a surprisingly full-featured take on a spreadsheet app. It also hangs out right by your email, which means you can go from yelling at your employees to checking their numbers in two seconds flat. This Google Sheets Mastery Course will teach you to use powerful macros, automatically grab data from webpages, and craft some truly awe-inspiring bar graphs, all for just $10.

Build 30 Mini Virtual Reality Games In Unity 3D From Scratch

7 Affordable Courses To Enhance Your Education

Virtual Reality has finally moved past its roots as vaporware from the '90s, and powerful development tools like Unity have made it easy for even digital dunces to create immersive simulations. But you're no digital dunce. You're a digital dilly-dallier at worse. So not only will you excel in this VR development course, but you'll also learn to make detailed models in Blender and integrate your artwork into 30 different minigames. Grab it here for just $15.

Python For Beginners 2017

7 Affordable Courses To Enhance Your Education

Python is the programming language that all of the data scientists want to date and all other programming languages want to be. It's the one you take home to your parents. It's the one that makes you wonder "Maybe it's time to move to the suburbs and settle down." You can get acquainted with this elegant bundle of digital typography by checking out the Python for Beginners course, available in our store for $15.

Certified White-Hat Hacker & Penetration Testing Course

7 Affordable Courses To Enhance Your Education

If you have the slightest interest in cybersecurity, you shouldn't wait until everyone has already converted their life savings to Bitcoin to pick up some hacking skills. To become a sensei in the fundamentals of information security and master penetration-testing tools like Metaspoilt, Scapy, and WireShark, this Certified White-Hat Hacker & Penetration Testing Course can be had for $18.

Quant Trading Using Machine Learning

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If only you had a loudmouthed robot capable of yelling "Buy!" and "Sell!" millions of times per second on the trading floor, you could be filthy rich in no time. (If not from the stock market, then surely network television would pay you a fortune to make a sitcom about it.) However, you can get the next-best thing with this AI Quant Trading course. You'll learn how to use machine learning to process massive amounts of financial data to make scarily well-informed stock trades. Who needs a robot sidekick, anyway? Get it for $15.

Step-By-Step Copywriting Secrets Course

7 Affordable Courses To Enhance Your Education

The times of ad execs sleazing their way around Madison Avenue might mostly be over, but that doesn't mean the need for well-written copy is gone. This Step-by-Step Copywriting Course will help you discover the secrets behind effective advertising without any of the 1960s-era depravity, all for just $15.

The Complete Video Production Bootcamp


Whether you're an art school dropout looking to make your directorial debut or you just need to step up the quality of your YouTube makeup tutorials, the Complete Video Production Bootcamp has tons of relevant advice. Your career might start out with amateur-looking videos made for very little money, but who knows, you might eventually start cashing James-Cameron-sized checks on the regular. Get this course for $15.

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