5 Simple Solutions To Highly Specific Problems

5 Simple Solutions To Highly Specific Problems

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There's something magical about devices with extremely niche uses. Sure, you can scratch your back with a fork, but isn't it so much more satisfying (and sanitary) to use a back-scratcher? In this modern world full of existential angst, moral shades of gray, Suicide Squad sequels, and philosophical uncertainty, it's nice to own something that serves a singular purpose. And the following five items all provide simple solutions to extremely specific problems:

TubShroom Tub Drain Protector Two-Pack

If you're a human being who showers (and if you aren't, then you've got way bigger problems than this article can solve) then you know how it goes. Over time, that little plastic disk in your tub slowly transforms into a disgusting furry coin and blocks all the grimy suds from washing away, leaving behind a discolored, soapy film. Before you stream gallons of caustic chemicals through your pipes, consider picking up a TubShroom Drain Protector. This little BPA-free silicone plug sits neck-deep in your tub drain to catch stray hairs without blocking water flow. When it starts running a little slow, just pull it out and wipe off the trapped gunk, and voila! You can get a two-pack here for $17.99.

IllumiSink Light-Up Faucet Attachment

Waking up and trying to get yourself some water in the dark is less likely to lead to a refreshing drink, and far more likely to give you a mouthful of lava. That's why the IllumiSink gives your faucet the power of visual communication. This attachment integrates a temperature sensor and three colored LEDs to let you know whether the water is going to melt your flesh or not. It's totally powered by the running water, and it's the easiest way to know what you're pouring into your glass in the middle of the night. The IllumiSink can be had for just $10.99.

Pavlok Electro Wristband

Whether you're a smoker who can't go cold turkey or a nail-biter wishing you were eating a cold turkey, weaning yourself off of bad habits requires a ton of willpower. If you respond more to sticks than carrots, the Pavlok Electro Wristband is a helpful tool for self-discipline. Taking its namesake and methodology from the originator of classical conditioning, this wristband lets you administer small electric shocks at the touch of a button. It also triggers automatically from a variety of app actions to help you fight digital addictions, which means that you can kiss your rabid Yelp obsession goodbye. You can break the wheel for $134.99.

Sitpack 2.0 Compact Collapsible Seat

Finding a non-disgusting place to sit in a festival environment is nearly impossible, especially when you're stumbling around a muddy field while clashing music blares all around you. So forget looking for a seat, and bring the seat with you. The Sitpack 2.0 Compact Seat is a lightweight way to give your knees a break, even in the middle of a tightly packed crowd. It's the size of an overpriced music festival beer can when fully collapsed, and weighs just 1.3 lbs. So when it's time to take a load off during a hike or a particularly long gap between bands, just pull out its telescopic leg and give your butt a tiny shelf to rest on. Grab the Sitpack here for $39.95.

Pry.Me Bottle Openers

Most bottle-opening key chains are unwieldy hunks of metal that outweigh your actual keys and wear holes in your jeans. How do you maintain the ability to spontaneously drink out of glass bottles without having to deal with a bulky lever in your pocket? The Pry.Me Bottle Opener is a marvel of miniature engineering. It's able to hold hundreds of thousands of times its own weight while taking up no more room than a couple pennies. To give a good grip on this wee hook, it comes with its own heavy-duty key ring that fits comfortably around your finger for those satisfying pops. Get one from our store for $10.99.

For more solutions to highly specific problems check out this USB LED Clock Fan so you'll always know what time it is when you're sweating buckets. Or pick up the Magic Chain and Rope Wine Bottle Stand, good for the display of a single bottle of wine.

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