3 Accessories Apple Engineers Have Made Essential

3 Accessories Apple Engineers Have Made Essential

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Apple is a great, innovative, ceaselessly frustrating company. They release new, exciting stuff ... which tends to render all of their old stuff totally obsolete. Truthfully, it's probably a shrewd business tactic, but since we're speaking for the people here, it's also a bummer to have to buy a brand-new iPhone every time an update comes out. That's why we've rounded up a few items that will help keep your iTech chugging along through the new year.

HomeSpot USB-C Hubs For MacBook Pro

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All of the weird slots on the side of the new Macbook Pro make it look like it was designed ironically. But never fear, because the HomeSpot's USB-C hubs plug into those random ports and make your new computer backwards-compatible with every charger, USB, or general uploader thingy under the sun. These hubs add dual USB-A 3.0 ports, an SD port, and a microSD port, just to name a few. (You can also add an HDMI port for a little extra.) These hubs start at $54.99 in the Cracked Store, 65 percent off the $159.99 list price.

Earhoox 2.0

3 Accessories Apple Engineers Have Made Essential

Wireless earbuds are cool in theory, but most models seem to have been designed by aliens who have never seen a human ear before. The slightest bit of running, jumping, or any other generic activity sends them rocketing away from your skull. The Earhoox, however, are made to keep those pods in place, allowing you to "hook" them to your ear for a better fit. You can pick up a two-pack in the Cracked Store for 24 percent off, at just $14.99.

Qi Wireless Fast Charging Pad


You know how in video games, the simple act of standing by a med-pack will heal you? This Qi Wireless Fast Charging Pad works like that, but for your phone. In fact, it will charge your phone up to 1.5 times faster than a standard wall charger. Qi charging is also sort of like feeding your iPhone a superfood smoothie, preventing battery degradation and maintaining your battery's overall health. In a couple of years, your iPhone battery will probably be like a tenth of what it is now, but if you only charge it wirelessly, then it might still be like 85 percent as good. So yeah, it's just like a video game health pack, only you don't have to break any barrels to find it, as this charging pad is only $10.99 (50 percent off) in the Cracked Store.

Nowadays, it almost feels as if smartphones are Broken By Design. Who wants to hold an Obvious Explosion Hazard up to their face? When it comes to our handheld gadgets, it's time to Go Big or Phone Home.

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