2 New Shirts for Star Trek and Megaman Fans


Let's all take a deep breath, folks. The dress is white and gold, the llamas are safe and famous, and some things never go out of style. That's why our newest Society6 design is an update on a classic, available to you NOW, because it's a Monday and you deserve something nice.

2 New Shirts for Star Trek and Megaman Fans

Doctors are like Trekkers (Leonard Nimoy's preferred term for the fans), in that they've spent decades amassing a very specific body of knowledge even though there's no financial incentive. So we'd like to think Mr. Nimoy's most famous character and Dr. John "Why Not" Zoidberg would immediately recognize each other's game and show it, like in this design by Redbubbler Naolito. Because life's too short not to take a chance and salute somebody great, whether you're Vulcan, Decapodian, or regular ol' human.

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These days we've all got our noses in our phones and our minds on our Twitters wherever we go. But there used to be a simpler time. A better time. A time when our noses and minds were in/on a Game Boy while our parents drove us to dumb stuff like doctors and libraries. This design by Redbubble regular Mekazoo clads The Character Formerly Known as Rockman in armor fit for a mobile world, from an era where the greenish screen was the hottest new tech-fun. Get it on whichever gear, decor, or clothes you like thanks to our Society6 store and your creativity.

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