2 New Shirts for Marty McFly and Ferris Bueller Fans


They say the past is a foreign country, and we say the 1980s were a country of Ronald Reagan, terror uplift, and trends that can only be explained as mental disorders. In and around all that, there were some amazing movies that did more than just entertain us; they inspired us to achieve a bold new future of hoverboards and who cares what else.


Back to the Future Part II offers two amazing promises: If you travel forward in time and get a sports almanac, you can go back and become an evil rich person, and if you live in 2015, you can get a hoverboard. Now that we're less than a year away and getting pranked constantly, it can be hard to keep your faith in the magic of the greatest form of transportation since the DeLorean. So try to feel less like a rad extreme sports Fox Mulder and more like a well-dressed happy person with this hoverboard design. The truth is out there, and it's magenta and neon green.


Has any movie pushed us to like the wrong protagonist more than Ferris Bueller's Day Off? Ferris is the guy with his name on a water tower and Wrigley Field and everybody's lips. He's far from needing saving. As we've argued before, Cameron is the real hero of the movie and the one in need of help to make the most of his newfound lack of depression. That's why this design from Daniel F. celebrates the guy who isn't a smug magic asshole for 102 minutes, and who's turned his own life upside down due to the ageless charms of a manic Matthew Broderick. Also available in black!

Our Retro Tees from a Retro Time

Like you and anyone else who uses the Internet, we didn't get on an '80s kick this week. We've been celebrating everything cartoonishly bitchin' about those tubular times for a dick year now, which is why we can do a gnarly job of getting this on your bod, and we promise that's all of the '80s slang we'll do here.

2 New Shirts for Marty McFly and Ferris Bueller Fans

2 New Shirts for Marty McFly and Ferris Bueller Fans

Our version of Voltron is more of an Offender of the Universe, and it comes in black or navy blue. We can promise you won't find another shirt that depicts what happens when a blue robot space lion and a red robot space lion love each other very much.

2 New Shirts for Marty McFly and Ferris Bueller Fans

And while everyone from J.J. Abrams to whoever directed Mac and Me tried to adapt and improve on E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, none of them added quite the right amount of BRUCE MOTHERFUCKING LEE. So get the mashup you've always wanted to see on a screen on a tee, tastefully silhouetted for maximum artful ass-kicking.

Our Weekly Dose of Shirt Envy

Regardless of how much you want the teal/pink ensemble of a 1980s Miami crime fighter, you've got to remember to live in the now. So dress the very best you can for the real world of 2014, because we picked out this week's finest new shirts for you right here:

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