2 New Shirts for Mario Bros., 'Street Fighter,' & Movie Fans


As much as gaming can sometimes seem like the entertainment choice of scumsucking monsters, video games are the mainstream cultural experience of this century. We're spending more money on games than ever before, the industry is approaching its first billion-dollar opening, and if you've been playing since the first NES or longer, your hobby's coming up on at least three decades of making you happier. So let's all celebrate our collective favorite pastime, because our new shirts mash up games with the rest of culture, one world at a time.

2 New Shirts for Mario Bros., 'Street Fighter,' & Movie Fans

Want to watch designer Aaron Morales speed-draw this shirt? You can. And want to think about that design in the most fun way possible? Certain Mario fans believe the characters of the series are really actors playing parts. And certain Face/Off fans (i.e. everyone who's ever seen it) know Nicolas Cage and John Travolta switch parts in that movie all the time. So who knows? Maybe the Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen of Nintendoland like to go all Two Plays in Rep on the most famous parts in gaming, switching back and forth in between worlds/kart races/tennis matches. Obviously this shirt will look good on you, but the thought experiment about both sides of SNES's greatest coin takes it to a whole other level.


And regular Cracked design badass Mattographer sees what's in your eyes: the light, the heat, the mastery of all of Blanka's combos. If you experienced any of the late '80s/early '90s, then or now, this shirt's got your everything. Because what is love but a game where you've got to take a chance to win and be ready to get back up for another shot if you lose? And if you're the kind of person who knows M. Bison is named "Vega" in Japan, stop fighting it. You're in love with this shirt and you know it.

In Your Eyes, Money's Awesome. Right?

Because our random T-shirt idea thread is just sitting there, ready for you to pounce with any great idea and take $500 from us. Draft it out, post it, and see what happens! Even if we don't choose your design, making it is great practice for you to enter and win our specific contests that happen just about every week except this one.

Our Weekly Dose of Shirt Envy

You've got games to play and movies to see and stories about getting thrust into porn directing to read. You don't have time to scour the Internet for its best new T-shirts every week, let alone assemble them into a handy list. Luckily, we do (our jobs RULE), so here's what you should be giving yourself the chance to wear as soon as you can.

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