12 Scenes That Prove Han Solo Could Use The Force

12 Scenes That Prove Han Solo Could Use The Force

Ever wonder why George Lucas gave Han the last name "Solo"? It's not because he travels as a lone wolf -- he has Chewie. It's not because he's romantically fucked, because he finds Leia. Well, we think there's a more subtle explanation: He's a lone, rogue Jedi. Han may or may not know it, but he can totally use the Force, even though he's not aligned to the light side or the dark side. He's his own thing. Han is a neutral Force user.

Jedi Mind Trick Much?

12 Scenes That Prove Han Solo Could Use The Force

Han Just Calls It "Luck"

HAN SOLo Han has a good laugh when Luke tries to block laser blasts with his visor down in Hope.  call it luck.  Luck... like in Jedi when Han shoot

But There's No Such Thing As Luck

12 Scenes That Prove Han Solo Could Use The Force

He Has A Bad Feeling About This

HAN SOLo Han laughs at a mystical energy field controlling him, but he is by far the best at sensing its warnings. How many times does a character s

Never Tell Him The Odds

HAN SOLo Solo has been flying for years, so he doesn't need Jedi-like reflexes to get to where he's going. Unless he steers into an ultra-dense astero

Not Impressive Enough? Check This Shit Out

12 Scenes That Prove Han Solo Could Use The Force

12 Scenes That Prove Han Solo Could Use The Force

Who Needs Scanners When You Can Sense A Person's Presence?

HAN SOLO Scanners don't work on Hoth, so you gotta rely on old-fashioned tracking skills wiith your eyeballs, without going blind or dying like HaN's

And He Does That Shit All The Time

HAN SOLo Han Solo doesn't go for any of that feeling the Force crap. Why bother with all that quasi-religious B.S. when you can Just use your damned

No, Seriously, He Does It Constantly

HAN SOLo Having a sixth sense of when and where he's needed is Han's go-to move Like in Force Awakens when he finds the Millennium Faloon within a min

Even With Giant Space Slugs

HAN SOLo In Empire, Han is the last person who should've worked out that they're inside a space slug. Chewie is a Wookiee with heightened senses, Leia

He Knows

HAN SOLo Han's famous I know isn't just badassery. Any guy might have been able to guess that she likes him... but love? Up until that point, there

And About That Jedi Mind Trick From Earlier ...

HAN SOLo The stupidest edit in movie history proves Han can use the Force. In Hope, he sits back and talks calmly while removing his gun from his hols

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