‘South Park’ Creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone Are Finally Buying Themselves A Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Walk of Fame announced that Parker and Stone will be apart of its 2025 class of honorees/donors
‘South Park’ Creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone Are Finally Buying Themselves A Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Trey Parker and Matt Stone have finally splurged on the purchasable honor of a gilded sidewalk square on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Maybe they’ll also join the Film Actors Guild while they’re at it.

Now, the natural reaction of a South Park fan who wisely pays little attention to the many ego-inflating honors and ceremonies that the entertainment industry’s A-and-B-listers award themselves on an annual basis will have to the recent news that the show’s creators are just now getting their names carved in gold on Hollywood Boulevard will be something along the lines of, “Wait, why the hell didn’t Trey Parker and Matt Stone already have a star on the Walk of Fame? What was Hollywood waiting for?” 

Well, the issue wasn’t exactly that Hollywood refused to recognize Parker, Stone and South Park’s cultural importance for a quarter-century. No, it’s more that the Walk of Fame “awards” celebrities with a sidewalk star bearing their names in about the same way that the South Park Bank “invests” checks from Grandma — really, all they do is take your money.

In fact, it costs celebrities upwards of $75,000 to receive a star on the Walk of Fame, and they have to submit an application for the honor (which, naturally, also carries an application fee). Supposedly, the money is necessary to cover the permits and construction costs required to build each star, as well as regular maintenance for the landmark. However, anyone who has walked past the tent cities and excrement-smeared sidewalks of the boulevard itself would probably wonder what, exactly, Kyle is doing to “maintain” Hollywood’s most beloved blocks.

This year, the Walk of Fame Selection Panel of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce chose Parker and Stone alongside 34 other applicants to be their Class of 2025, a group that includes comedy talent such as Saturday Night Live's Molly Shannon, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actress Nia Long, SAG-AFTRA president and The Nanny star Fran Drescher, Lauren Graham of Gilmore Girls fame, talk show host Sherri Shepherd and Bill Nye the Science Guy. Adam Carolla also bought a star.

Parker and Stone will share a star — presumably, they will be able to split the $75,000 fee — and the date of their star ceremony will only be announced 10 days beforehand. I dont know what inspired the superstar pair to purchase the joint honor after thumbing their noses at the pomp and circumstance of celebrity culture for so many years, but Im confident that they made the decision with complete Tegridy.


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