Nikki Glaser Fires Back at Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura’s Roast Criticism

Kreischer and Segura were hardly the guys to say who killed at the Brady roast
Nikki Glaser Fires Back at Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura’s Roast Criticism

Okay, fine, Nikki Glaser killed it at the Tom Brady roast, say Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer on a recent edition of their 2 Bears, 1 Cave podcast. But was she really any better than any of the night’s other roasters? Was she better than Kevin Hart? In fact, could all the post-roast flowers sent Glaser’s way simply be chalked up to a good slot near the beginning of the show?

“If you had put (Andrew) Schulz in Nikki's spot, would everyone be talking about Schulz and not Nikki?” wondered Kreischer, as if all of Glaser’s viral clips existed in an imaginary timeline where she always got to go first. “No one's really talking about how great Schulz was. Three hours in, this motherfucker goes up after everyone has wringed this goddamn thing dry and still crushes.”  

Glaser handled the critique graciously yesterday on the Zach Sang Show. “I was a little disappointed in (Kreischer’s comments) but they did have a point,” she said. “Where you go up in the lineup does absolutely matter, and I'm so grateful I went up earlier because people had the energy to pay attention.”

She said she also told Schulz that he would have received more publicity if he performed earlier in the show. “But I also think they would have been talking about me in his slot too.”

Glaser claimed she felt no backlash “till that moment of like, ‘Well, would we be talking about her if this were different?’ When do we ever play this game of ‘This girl, we wouldn't like her so much if this timing would be different.’ Why even bring that up? Doesn't that kind of rob me of something?”

“I just don't like to see people talking about me,” she admitted, “especially my friends.”

One person who thinks Glaser rules at roasts? Gottmik, a competitor on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 9, recently got called out on social media for swiping a bunch of Glaser jokes from earlier roasts. 

The appropriation was so blatant that there wasn’t much point in Gottmik pretending that the punchlines weren’t stolen… er, reworked. “Wait do you guys think everyone wrote their jokes!? loll,” she posted on her social media. “Nikki is my queen so reworking a few of her jokes was a DUH for me. Love her.”

Regardless of what viewers and comedy critics thought of Glaser and Schulz’s most recent roast effort, there’s at least one thing everyone agrees on — Kreischer and Segura were one of the show’s lowlights. The Brady roast “was a comedy up until you guys started,” fellow roaster Tony Hinchcliffe said of their so-so performance. “Then you guys got to really change the tone a bit, got to make everyone appreciative of laughter.”


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