The Six Weirdest Encounters Celebrities Had with a Pre-Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump

When Salma Hayek wouldn’t date him, he leaked to the ‘National Enquirer’ that she was too short for him anyway
The Six Weirdest Encounters Celebrities Had with a Pre-Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump

If there’s anything Donald Trump has ever wanted more than diplomatic immunity, it’s fame. Long before he had a public office or even a TV show, he was obsessed with celebrity — getting it, getting near it and frequently creeping it out. That means just about everyone working in Hollywood in the last half-century has some kind of Donald Trump story, but some are more bizarre than others.

Christian Bale

While filming a Batman movie at Trump Tower, Trump invited Bale up to his office, where “I think he thought I was Bruce Wayne, because I was dressed as Bruce Wayne. So he talked to me like I was Bruce Wayne and I just went along with it, really.” Presumably, Bale dropped the American accent in their private meeting, so it’s entirely possible Trump thinks Batman is secretly Welsh.

Salma Hayek

After meeting at an event (which she attended with her boyfriend, incidentally), Trump called Hayek to ask her out. Coincidentally, after she rejected him, someone told the National Enquirer that Trump would never date her because she was too short. “I don’t want people to think this about you,” he told her. “He thought that I would try to go out with him so people wouldn’t think that’s why he wouldn’t go out with me,” she marveled.

Candice Bergen

Hayek got off easy. Back in the ‘70s, Bergen had the misfortune of being set up on a blind date with Trump and quickly learned his favorite color. “He was wearing a burgundy three-piece suit with burgundy patent leather boots, and he was in a burgundy limousine,” she said, adding, “He was a good-looking guy. And a douche.”

Woody Harrelson

Around 2002, Harrelson was invited to dinner with Trump, Melania and Jesse Ventura. Nightmare blunt rotation, right? Harrelson thought so too. He was so bored by Trump hogging the conversational spotlight that he had to step out to “burn one before returning to the monologue monopoly.” To be fair, it was Woody Harrelson, so he was probably going to do it anyway, but still.

Alice Cooper

No, you haven’t gone back in time to 1987 and caught a fever — Donald Trump and Alice Cooper really did once play golf together. But Cooper is keen to emphasize the “once.” “The worst celebrity golf cheat? I wish I could tell you that,” he said in 2012. “It would be a shocker. I played golf with Donald Trump one time. That’s all I’m going to say.” In fact, a bunch of celebrities have accused Trump of cheating at golf. Oscar de la Hoya even laid out how he did it.

Charlie Sheen

Around 2011, Sheen was approached in a restaurant by Trump, who apologized for missing his wedding three years earlier (to which, Sheen noted, he wasn’t invited), then took off his “platinum diamond Harry Winston” cufflinks and gave them to Sheen as a “wedding gift.” It gets stranger: Sheen later had the cufflinks appraised and found out they were “cheap pewter and bad zirconia.” 

Let that sink in: Donald Trump is such a weirdo that, in an interaction with Charlie Sheen, Sheen wasn’t the weird one.

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