10 ‘SNL’ YouTube Clips You Should Watch Instead of Any Episode from This Season

We watched it all so you don’t have to
10 ‘SNL’ YouTube Clips You Should Watch Instead of Any Episode from This Season

Some things are more than just the sum of their parts, but when it comes to Saturday Night Live, individual sketches are best plucked from the vine rather than endured as part of 90-minute slogs on Peacock. Somehow avoided Season 49 and want a quick catch-up? These 10 sketches provide a good recap of the SNL year that was...

Beavis and Butt-Head

This is far from the smartest sketch you’ll ever see, but it was the year’s most talked about. Beavis and Butt-Head even showed up for the premiere of The Fall Guy. If nothing else, the sketch (and show) cemented Ryan Gosling as King of the SNL Crack-Ups.


Kristen Wiig was a gem on the show that made her a Five-Timer, adding this weirdo to her repertoire of comic misfits. Admit it — board games freak you out a little too.

Tampon Farm

The Kate McKinnon Era was the golden age of female cast members killing it in music videos like “Back Home Ballers” and “Do It (In My Twin Bed).” “Tampon Farm,” with an assist from Maya Rudolph, Paula Pell, Billie Eilish and Greta Gerwig, is a worthy addition to the playlist.

I’m Just Pete

The writers’ strike kept Pete Davidson from hosting last year’s season finale. Instead, he kicked off Season 49 with this banger.

School Hypnotist

What a treat when Bad Bunny and Jacob Elordi stay home so actual funny people can host SNL. Ayo Edebiri’s Solomon, the brace-faced kid who definitely isn’t hypnotized, would be a killer recurring character.


This isn’t the first time an SNL host left the monologue stage for a musical tour of Studio 8H, but Maya Rudolph took it to a new level with this Mother’s Day extravaganza

Make Your Own Kind of Music

What’s the better performance — Emma Stone’s Oscar-winning turn in Poor Things or this jaw-dropping tour de force? I’m still on the fence. 

Washington’s Dream

A throwback to the best SNL sketches that succeed based on ingenious concepts and tight scripts. Add Nate Bargatze’s understated, Newhart-esque performance and you’ve got an all-timer. 


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