23 Movies You Should Never Watch With Your Parents

Dad might not be strong enough for ‘Bruno’
23 Movies You Should Never Watch With Your Parents

Unless you consider yourself the kind of serious film connoisseur who treats it like an LSAT review, movie-watching is a social experience. Not all movies are suitable for all groups of people, though. Your 10-year-old niece is probably not even going to sit through Oppenheimer long enough to get to the parts that are inappropriate for her, and your bros aren’t going to want to get together to watch Elemental (even though it was really good, shut up).

But the type of relation you have to be most careful about is parents. Obviously, Showgirls is out, but movies that seem completely unsexy can suddenly become softcore without warning. It’s more than just sex scenes, too. Movies that are ridiculously violent, crude or just plain gross can be uncomfortable to watch with the folks, if only because you have to keep saying, “Just so you know, I do not approve of all this,” for 120 minutes straight.

Luckily, user thechelseaway indirectly provided us all with a handy little list of features to avoid when they asked r/AskReddit, “What is a film that you must NOT watch with your parents?”




Laurel Canyon

From Dusk Till Dawn



Bad Santa


Mulholland Drive

Freddy Got Fingered

Team America: World Police

The Dreamers

Bad Boy Bubby

Mysterious Skin


Pink Flamingos


Horrible Bosses




Paul Blart: Mall Cop

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