Justin Roiland Has Finally Been Replaced in a ‘Rick and Morty’ Video Game

Rick and Morty will now be voiced by the actors who actually play Rick and Morty
Justin Roiland Has Finally Been Replaced in a ‘Rick and Morty’ Video Game

It’s been over a year since Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland was fired by Adult Swim and replaced by two (arguably better) actors, Ian Cardoni and Harry Belden, who now voice the titular duo. Even though the change was near-imperceptible, and we’ve all accepted the swap and moved on with our lives, some vestiges of Roiland’s voice work have continued to linger.

Obviously, Roiland’s voice can still be heard in old episodes of the show (until the day Dan Harmon decides to go full George Lucas, that is), but he also seemingly supplied the voice of Rick and Morty in the upcoming video game MultiVersus.

For those of you over the age of 11, MultiVersus is the game where Warner Bros. Discovery-owned characters beat the crap out of each other, #Synergy. Sadly Warner’s CEO David Zaslav is not a playable character, likely because his ability to callously delete characters from existence purely for tax purposes would have been a near unbeatable special move.

In the Open Beta version of the game that was made available, Rick and Morty were voiced by Roiland because, unlike the other MultiVersus characters, their lines were cobbled together using recycled audio clips from the TV show. 

A lot of fans weren’t happy with what seemed like a pretty half-assed approach to the characters. But this past week, a full trailer was released for the game’s official launch on May 28th. It features familiar Warner Bros. characters like Batman, Velma and The Iron Giant, who shows up firing a full array of deadly missiles, presumably because nobody involved with this game ever watched The Iron Giant

We also get a scene in which The Joker sits atop the Iron Throne, flanked by Jason Voorhess and Agent Smith from The Matrix, thus leaving the door open for potential full frontal Joker nudity. A Gremlin tries to kill Marvin the Martian as well? Okay, sure. Most importantly Rick Sanchez shows up and utters dialogue that wasn’t conspicuously excerpted from a rerun of Rick and Morty.

Sure enough, as TheGamer confirmed, Cardoni will voice Rick in the game, and Belden will reprise the role of Morty. This means that they’ll be able to interact with other characters in the game. What Rick will have to say to the Tasmanian Devil remains to be seen. 

The whole thing is basically like a video game version of that terrible Space Jam sequel — so much so that LeBron James is a character in MultiVersus, for those who want to play out an alternate version of Space Jam: A New Legacy in which LeBron loses it and attacks the toons.

But, hey, if it keeps children from bothering their parents for an hour or two, it’s probably alright. 

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