Rudy Giuliani Inadvertently Recreated a Scene From ‘The Naked Gun’

How is this man more clueless than Frank Drebin?
Rudy Giuliani Inadvertently Recreated a Scene From ‘The Naked Gun’

Hopefully someone has contacted the Guinness World Records people to see if they can add a “Most Public Embarrassments in a Single Week” page to their next book. Just a few days ago, we got the news that Rudy Giuliani had been served notice of an indictment (for allegedly trying to overturn election results) at his 80th birthday party, after taunting Arizona prosecutors on social media for not being able to locate him. 

Not long after that, America’s Broke as Shit Mayor was widely ridiculed for his latest attempt to raise funds to pay off his massive debts: coffee! Yup, the former Time Magazine “Person of the Year” is now hawking his own line of coffee beans, as evidenced by this 100 percent professional, not sad at all commercial.

While one might think that this would be the end of his public humiliation for, I don’t know, a day or two at least, not long after his MAGA Starbucks ad dropped, Giuliani appeared at a virtual arraignment over Zoom, and mistakenly inspired a staggering number of “streaming” jokes. 

According to reports, as he waited for his turn, seemingly Giuliani’s mic wasn’t muted, and just as his name was finally called, there was a sound of some kind of liquid dropping into another liquid, which really sounded like someone taking a piss. “Is that me, Rudy Giuliani?” he then asked, right as the noise stopped. 

If we’re to take this moment at face value, the hearing was weirdly similar to a memorable scene in The Naked Gun, in which Leslie Nielsen’s Lt. Frank Drebin accidentally leaves his wireless mic on while going to the bathroom during a City Hall press conference. 

Naturally, a lot of people responded to the Giuliani news by posting Naked Gun memes — although, to be fair, Frank Drebin was never once accused of attempting to subvert democracy.

While one might assume that this was merely a viral marketing stunt to promote Rudy Coffee, Giuliani didn’t respond to reporters’ requests for a comment. But he later posted on X/Twitter stating that that the video was “false.” Although he didn’t explain whether the video was doctored, or if he was caught doing something other than tinkling, like playing with toy boats in a bathtub, for instance.

Instead Giuliani pointed out that he “survived prostate cancer and now comforts others facing cancer.” Which… doesn’t really clear up what happened. 

Between this and Joe Piscopo showing up at Trump’s trial, it’s been a big week for unexpected ‘80s comedy references at legal proceedings involving right-wing celebrities. Hopefully Giuliani will get a few days off before inevitably publicly shitting his pants in front of Sydney Sweeney and everyone he went to high school with. 

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