Twitter Cracked Up When It Learned That Joe Piscopo Is Both at the Trump Trial and Still Alive

Apparently, Randy Quaid was busy today, so Trump had to scrape the bottom of the Republican celebrity barrel for his courtroom ‘posse’
Twitter Cracked Up When It Learned That Joe Piscopo Is Both at the Trump Trial and Still Alive

Thanks to the ongoing criminal trial of Donald Trump, important truths are being uncovered in the cold light of day – facts like, “Joe Piscopo is at the Trump trial” and, “Joe Piscopo isn’t as dead as his comedy career.”

For those outside the know, Piscopo was once an above-average impressionist whose biggest claim to fame was being one of two cast members from the dreaded Season 6 cast of Saturday Night Live whom Dick Ebersol didn’t shitcan, the other being Eddie Murphy. Piscopo’s proximity to arguably the most important cast member in SNL history coupled with his Frank Sinatra-approved Frank Sinatra impression propelled him to a modestly successful TV and film career throughout the late 1980s to early 1990s before he faded out of the zeitgeist and moved home to New Jersey to be a loudmouth conservative radio host and disinformation peddler, serving Republican demagogues like Rudy Giuliani, Mike Lindell and, of course, former president Trump.

Today, Piscopo is in the headlines for the first time since he stood in the same camera shot as Murphy after appearing at Manhattan Criminal Court in New York as part of Trump’s “courtroom posse,” prompting Twitter’s SNL fans to join together in joy over the fact that, for the first time in forty years, Piscopo made them laugh — this time, simply by existing.

Piscopo, now 72 years old and certainly not deceased, hasn't had a TV or film role since a singe-episode guest gig on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, which is typically the kind of part an actor books when they're just starting their career in entertainment, not at the dead-fucking-end of it. Still, even infrequently booking work for as long as Piscopo did is no small feat for someone who went out of their way to piss off every TV writer when he let Eddie Murphy's success get to his head and turned prima donna during his time at SNL.

Since he finally fizzled out of TV and film, Piscopo has been hosting Piscopo in the Morning, a 6:00 am radio show broadcast out of Hackensack New Jersey across the greater New York Metropolitan area. For that reason, Piscopo will be a key figure in keeping Trump abreast of the conservative talking points following the conclusion of the trial — breakfast starts at 6:30 a.m. up in Rikers.


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