‘Cyanide and Happiness’ Creators Could Sue Elon Musk for His Latest, Lamest Meme

The embattled Twitter CEO continues to crop out credits and watermarks on other people’s much better jokes
‘Cyanide and Happiness’ Creators Could Sue Elon Musk for His Latest, Lamest Meme

Today, Twitter officially changed their URL from one of the most recognizable brand names in the world to the letter X, and that’s still not as embarrassing as Elon Musk’s continued attempts to convince his captive audience that he’s a comedy genius by ripping off other people’s jokes. 

Two years ago, Musk made an ass of himself after the popular satirical video game news website Hard Drive called him out for repeatedly tweeting screenshots of their article titles and cropping out the site’s name in Musk’s disappointingly successful attempt to convince his barely-literate horde of fanboys that he could somehow come up with a headline as snappy as, “Zodiac Killer Letter Solved by Opening It With VLC Media Player.” After Musk refused to credit Hard Drive for their own creation and accused them of being woke, the humorists clapped back with the banger, “Elon Musk Admits He Wants to Travel to Mars Because No One Hates Him There Yet.”

This week, Musk’s Twitter beef was with a more serious news organization after Reuters reported on the pattern of reckless engineering that led to the malfunctioning of the first Neuralink implant in a human patient, the news that a federal court ordered Musk to testify in the Security Exchange Commission’s investigation of his Twitter takeover and how Musk is currently having a hard time convincing Tesla shareholders to pay him $56 billion after the stock lost nearly 25% of its value over the last six months. In response, Musk posted his spin on a popular meme format originating from an entry in the webcomic Cyanide & Happiness

There’s just one problem — the Apartheid plagiarist couldn’t help but cut off the watermark when he posted his pathetic attack on journalism, and the original creators might just make like the SEC and see him in court.

To Musk's credit (something he'd never give us), it does appear that, although he removed the watermark from the Cyanide & Happiness comic that has become one of the most popular meme templates on Twitter, he may have actually thought up this meme himself as opposed to stealing the joke from someone funnier than him. After all, the searing burn of “I'm dumb” is exactly as infantile and uninspired as his usual clapbacks — expect for Musk to respond to Cyanide & Happiness co-creators Dave McElfatrick and Rob DenBleyker's tweets by calling them “pedo guys.” 

Now, I'm not a copyright lawyer, and neither are the Musk dick-riders who rushed into McElfatrick's replies to educate him on their personal definition of “fair use.” However, I highly doubt the Irish-born cartoonist was serious about joining the ranks of investors, former employees and government regulatory bodies that are currently involved in legal proceedings against the Twitter don. That said, simply by triggering Musk's fanbase, McElfatrick has already achieved a goal that the world's richest man has spent his life failing to reach — he made us laugh.


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